Do my girls have a cal-mag deficiency?

My Zkittlez is pretty light green compared to the other examples I’ve seen. If you look at the first pic at the bottom right, you will see the darker leaves of my gorilla glue, you can see they have some light areas on the leaves. I just saw another guy’s thread about his plants, and the said it was magnesium deficiency. I didn’t think much about the color of my plants until I saw that, I was focusing on the buds the whole time.

This is this full plant, it’s 37 inches tall and about 50 days old in week 2 of flower


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Here is another pic of the Gorillla Glue. I thought the discolored leaves had light burn, and still think that might be it, they don’t all look like that.

Maybe it’s nutrient deficiency, I have not been using a marijuana specific nutrient system. I read an article on this site that said to use 20-20-20 for veg and 15-30-15 for bloom and to use them at half strength.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. When the plants started to take off, I started only giving them 50% fertilizer water, no straight water.

You definitely have something going on it’s hard to say 4sure because some problems present the same way. I’m thinking the 1st one might be heat related stress either temp or light. The one in the last pic looks like either hungry or ph is off causing a deficiency in nutes and it to looks a little wind, temp,or light burn. With your lights around them like they are it’s probably light burn I would check your distances and what manufacturer says they should be