Do my 15 day old bruce banner, gorilla glue and girl scout extreme auto autoflowers. My first grow! Any tips would be appreciated

Your ladies are looking great Bro! Nice job on the keeping the training going, you’ll definitely start seeing those pretty white hairs every time you check in on them. :love_you_gesture:

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Its so sexy, lol

Looking good! However, when training you want to try to keep the leaves from touching the soil when you bend them over. You run risk of the leaves getting damaged by nutrients hanging out on the surface of the soil after you feed, as well as provide a leg up to any bugs checking in on your grow cuz it smells like a great place to live, or even making a space of dead air between the leaf and the soil creating a micro-climate that is better suited for moulds and mildew.

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@Docnraq yeah im gonna get rid of a few fan leaves cause those are the ones that mighg be touching soil. Im trying to bend them back and out of the way so the buds can get light but theres so many of em.

@Budz @Spiridly @Ghobbs82 @HMGRWN @Docnraq @Ontrack @PurpNGold74 So I was wondering when do I stop LST’ing the girls? When do I stop pinning her branches down and start letting them grow upwards?

Never? I’m currently using ties for my lst. Only because I haven’t decided which trainers to buy yet. Which once I put them on the plant I won’t remove them until harvest. These type things.

Will only remove current ties once they are no longer holding her back and are in the way of new ties. Won’t hurt to leave them. Keep thinking imma end up with a 3d printer. Don’t want to buy them then a week later be able to produce my own.

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At some point the branches will get too stiff and your chances of breaking them gets too great.
You can have your own style and stop the LST whenever you get to desired shape/size.


I got them, they are awesome. I have 3 different sizes. Super small for early shapeing, lrg for vegging plants, and extended large for making the bend longer. It adds like 4 inches to the bend.

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Whenever you feel you have the shape of cannopy. I have not figured out the art of even cannopy and lst. I did see a huge difference in the amount of dense large tops vs other plants with less even training. At 1st lst is like a daily activity, they grow and move, then you train and they grow and move more. Eventually the upward movement will stop, then training is over. The branches will start to feel more like a bush and less like a flower at that point no more training can be done. If it feels like she is gonna snap, she will.

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@HMGRWN @Budz @Docnraq @oldmarine @beardless @Mark0427 Yeah there still growing upwards so I will continue training for now. And yes its like a daily activity, lol.

Just a few random pics before I started my Lst for the day

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