Do I transplant already?

Hi, I just had my seeds pop up a couple of days ago. I was surprised to see a long root growing out of one of my small compostable pots. I certainly do t think the root system has overgrown the pot yet but I don’t know much. Could it be ready to transplant already?

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I would transplant because I hate those pots and they are under filled.


No…regardless if someone hates those pots you should not transplant. If anything you can fill the pots up more with your soil and let them ride in those for several more days.

A good rule of thumb for transplanting is to wait until the leaves reach the edges of the pots. Until then…continue with what your doing. They are much more manageable in the smaller pots…and as finicky as seedlings are they should get “hardened off” before they go to their final home.


Damn @imSICKkid you beat me again. Baaahhhh humbug. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Definitely don’t transplant those tiny girls.


Thanks for the advice. Will fill the pots with more seedling soil

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When I do transplant, I was planning on filling the larger pot with FF Happy Frog. Leaving a hole on top about the size of the current pot, and then just gently tearing off the compostable pot and placing it gently in the hole. Is that a good idea?

LOL, as much as I hate those pots, my real reason for transplanting now would be that tap root making it out through the bottom hole, other secondary roots coming thru drainage holes, no problem as they will air prune themselves but I would rather save the taproot on that sprout and best way to do that is to transplant it now, why wait a few days for something you can do today.

And yes, fill the new pot, use old pot as a template, you can even put the old pot in there and fill around it then pull it out and you got a perfectly matched hole, gently tear off old pot and place in the hole, easy as that.