Do i remove leaves?

I am on the 3rd week of flowering growth i am growing amnesia haze this is my first grow and all seems to be going well… my plants are taking up a bit more room than i had anticipated they are budding nicely but lower ones are struggling to get light as there is so many fan leaves taking up room… Should i remove some fan leaves to give lower buds more light??

There are definite pruning / training techniques you may wish to consider, but I will defer the best options to those with more knowledge.

My understanding about fan leaves is that the help cool the plant and are a part of the photosynthesis, so I would personally be hesitant to just remove them.

Do you have the ability to drop some lighting below the canopy, to help the lower growth?

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Ok that sounds about right with what i have been reading…no not on this grow but its something i will b taking into account next time, its all about the learning after all… Defo next time i will have a bit more room and a small light bottom centre to help reach the lower buds…i have used fishing line and moved certain branches and bent (but not broke) em out tje way so light reaches more buds

I just answered your question in the other thread.
A little over a week after that, the marijuana plant will stabilize its growth patterns. You can prune away all the buds that are in shadows since they won’t be developing the compact flowers you’re looking for.

At this point, you want to maximize the light and nutrients that will be focused towards developing those precious buds. When you’re pruning, try not to cut off any of the leaves.

It can be tempting to cut off some of the large leaves which shadow the flowers. DON’T DO IT. Your plant needs those big strong leaves to absorb light and keep the flowers developing. Only cut off leaves if they are dead or otherwise compromised. Tom