Do i remove fan leaves during flowering

Someone told me when buds begin hat i should remove fan leaves? Can anyone help with this comment please thanks

@Gman753 No you do not want to remove them at all. Let then Die and full off on there own.
You need them to make BIG Bud.


Crazy is correct, but I’ll add that you want to make sure you clear away dead leaves that have fallen. Don’t let them sit and rot.


Thanks will do

No no no!!! Don’t do that leave your sugar leaves :leaves: on all the way unless you have some dying trim them off!

There are exceptions: If you are sacrificing a productive bud site behind a fan leaf that you can’t tuck out of the way then the fan leaf needs to go. Also, many growers start to remove all of them ahead of harvest because it can be a monumental PITA to do it after the chop. Now there are 2 exceptions and I’m sure there are many more. Opening up the canopy to improve airflow is another one. If you have ever suffered bud rot you’ll do anything to mitigate it.

You can do anything you want to: it’s your plant! Ain’t it cool?


I second that, by the harvest day I am chopping pretty much stems with the buds and frosty sugar leaves only…
I had a few trees I did not had the time to properly manicure hanging and drying…
What a pain in the ass it was to trim not to mention signs of powdery mildew…

2-3 weeks from harvest anything whats not freshly green is being gradually removed…

Anybody growing outdoor this year knows exactly why !!!


But @Gman753
I see you growing indoors and also you are way too early to flower…
Dont go crazy on trimming :wink::wink::wink::wink:
I am talking about trees you dont even see through :joy::joy::joy:


Ive seen his pics. Hes talking like big redwood trees!

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Ok so now. Pistils turning brown was wondering is it ok to remove fan leaves to open up branch area for better air flow 6cf5c9564e7e17e9c9ce1f0cd20c3919e97f7854_1_374x500like in this picture which is not mine

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That picture reflects a plant getting ready for the chop. Certainly you can remove leaves that affect airflow. Losing your crop to rot is more important than potentially decreasing yield.

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That is how my plants look for chop day yes…
But I did not had time to dress all my plants like this…
This is ideal :wink:

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