Do i really need meters?

Will I be able to to get a good grow by keeping it simple. Let the plant tell me what to do without measuring ppm and everything. Give it a good environment to grow in and just make it as happy as possible. I am just curious if people do the same.

It can be done. I mean back in the day we just threw seeds out and let them go and would come back to harvest but with meters, specifically pH pens, you always know that you are giving your girls what they need. Soil need 6.2-6.8 pH and if you are giving them feedings, this tanks your pH and will ultimately lead to all kinds of root zone issues. Lock out being the main one and then even if you are feeding her, she won’t be able to use it with the tanked pH.

I keep it as simple as possible myself. I would recommend a pH pen or a combo that does more than one reading, if in soil, a good cannabis friendly soil, a good light if growing indoors and a good water source. I use RO and get it at a water station for 1.50 for 5g.


Those that grow outdoors can likely get away with not using pH or EC meters if they are growing in really large container or in the ground. Indoors, our containers are not large enough to buffer the pH.

That said, you certainly can grow without instrumentation but it is hit and miss what kind of results you will get.


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As a follow up to my recent post…

Many new growers really struggle to take a plant from seed to harvest. That is even with the help of all of these awesome growers.

The instrumentation will help you get to the finish line with fewer problems and likely a better final yield. Take advantage of every tool at your disposal.


The one thing i am doing is PH with any water. But im just using the Green PH solution stuff that turns colors. Then figured it out ml per gallon so I could speed the process up with ph down since our tap water is alkaline. Im using happy frog at the moment and have a couple free seeds that are in early veg but im dealing with heat at the moment. I have all the automation i need i just need to hook it up. Thanks for the reply!!

Yea you’re right i might as well do it the best i can since the time and effort is there.


I think if you’re using salt-based fertilizers, then the pH and PPM/EC meters are very valuable.

You can look into organic and living soil styles of growing, where you don’t need pH or PPM readings.

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Im going to use the bergmans nutes. Im using happy frog, once that is depleted I’ll add the bergmans. I’ll start with 1/4 the recommended amount and go from there.

If what you’re looking for is simplicity then go with Jacks 123, can’t get much simpler than that.