Do I post in Beginner or indoor for help?

I’m still a bit confused about this page … I was told I have a thread posted for me . I’m pretty sure I found it , But , When I have a question about my grow , Do I keep posting on my last thread , do I post to beginner , or post on Indoor ??? Last time I tried posting a few people went ape shit on me cause I posted on both pages that I thought were relevant , eg. Beginner and indoor … The layout of this page is a bit much to take in and navigate for first timers … Or just maybe because im old …


Looks like you started this in the right place. Give it time and you’ll figure it out. No sweat.


If I have a general question, I usually will start a new thread. If it’s something pertaining specifically to my grow, I’ll ask in my journal and tag some folks.


If you just have a question and aren’t doing a journal than just post it. The reason people said something is because when you do multiple posts about the same topic it clogs up the news feed and gets hard to follow. If you have a journal just post it there and use the @ symbol in front of the name of the person you want to ask. Like @Sirsmokes we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

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