Do I need to use nutrients

From a fellow grower: This season I plan on germinating my seedlings in rapid rooters in an enclosed dome with a light source inside above them for their seedling stage then transplant them into 2.5 gallon pots filled with fox farms ocean forest once they grow a bit more I’ll transplant again into a 5gallon pot now with nature’s living 1/3 on the bottom and fox farms 2/3 later on transplanting for the final time into my 10 gallon smart pot with the same ratio of nls and ffof since I’m going the organic route I’m wondering if I’ll need to mix any liquid nutrients into my water feedings down the road or is the super soil method packed with enough microorganisms to feed my plants from seedling till harvest ive been told to occasionally mix unsulphered molasses into my water feedings but I’m so unsure of when and what stage is it okay to start feeding my plants any liquid nutrients

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FYI Fox Farms OF is not organic.

I would suggest you go from seedling to a 1 gallon plastic pot (easier to remove and cheaper) then go right into your final pot size.

KIND soil is supposed to provide everything from seed to harvest. I suspect you will have to supplement. You won’t need to supplement until in flower, more than likely. You don’t need to add molasses to a properly blended soil. If you are unsure of microbes you can buy Mycorrhizai from any nursery or Amazon and can add as you want.

If you join the forum it will be easier for the community to help you out. It’s free too.