Do I need to transplant?

A question from a fellow grower:

My plant seems like it doesn’t want to grow this plant was given to me going on week for. I don’t know the strain, I just started feeding it this week, second feed this morning. I have it in a 1 gallon pot. I was wondering whether I should transplant it to a 3 gallon pot or let stay in the gallon pot. I’m a first timer so I do need some advice. My nutrients is the flora three part system. Need some advice

Needs to be transplanted. Looks abit over watered also by the drooping of your leafs .

When transplanting should i flip it or dig around it. Advice for the over watering issue.

@garrigan62 .

How’s your drainage?

If you have a 5 gal bucket would be much better. You’ll need a little more soil just fill your 5 gal bucket with more soil take some hydrogen peroxide one tsp to gal water root stimulate one tsp to gal water or Super Thrive one so to the gal of water. This will help the plant through transplant shock. After adding new soil add your water solution soak it good place your plant in new soil cover with new soil soak with soliution. And there go.



garrian62, I want to make sure i understand what you’re saying. Mix one gal. of water with 1 tspn of peroxide, put new soil in 5 gal. bucket. Do i add mix water solution before i transplant or after? Can I add nutrients to the mix water, and how long should i wait before next watering. Do i water until i see water run off. Sorry for so many question but i’m a 1st time grower.

Before…and after and no nutrients. This is so the roots sit right on top. The hydrogen peroxide will provide roots with oxygen and this helps the plant to settle in with less shock to the plantwater till you see run off


@garrigan62, Water until run off on this same session

Once you do the transplant with solvent you made. Wate 2 or. 3 days then water.

After 3 days add nutrients at 1/4 strength then increase every other water

garrigan62, thanks a lot