Do I need to transplant again?

I’ve got two white widows in seven gallon fabric pots, they’ve been in veg for 6 weeks now. Picked up the pots today and saw that their roots are growing out of the bottom by a good two inches. It’s not a whole lot but it’s more than a little. I haven’t grown anything before, cannabis or otherwise, so is this normal, or do I need to purchase some bigger pots?

The air will prune the roots for you. I would let Mother Nature do her thing. I am using 15 gallon fabric pots by Vivosun. :+1:

I jjust lost a plant transplanting and I only had 1 seed of it. :pensive:

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You have some very hearty plants.

7 gal is a great indoor size. Some roots may poke out, but theyll self prune. Unless you want monster plants I wouldnt repot.

You should expose the underside of the fabric pots to more air by using pot elevators or something to keep them suspended in the air and the air pruning will happen quicker so you don’t have long roots hanging out.


Sorry to hear about your transplant! Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on another seed.

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@MidwestGuy erPower, I think I did luck out with some nice ones.
I was worrying about the grow of the one on the right, but she’s catching up.

@Drinkslinger, I wish I could grow some monsters but I only have a little under six feet to work with.

@Hellraiser, I’ll definitely look into that, never heard of a pot elevator.

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I use these 16" elevators for my 7 gal fabric pots:

But look for them at hydro shops, much cheaper, like 3 bucks each.