Do I need to transplant again already, it’s only day 10?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hello I recently made transplant from peat moss pods about da 7 or 8 I’m now on day 10, and did not think I would need to transplant again for a long time. But I’m using clear containers right now, and as you can see in the picture below, I can see the roots have begun reaching the walls, just barely…
Do I need to transplant again already, it’s only day 10?


Soil looks kind wet let it dry out before you water again
Cleae plastic is not the best to use either roots don’t light light
Most of us will transplant once we see roots protruding from the bottom of our starter pots or cups
Do you have drain holes on bottom of your container? In put some in
I would cover the container with something dark tape it up or place a solid plastic container over to block light and give it another week or two before you transfer to larger pots i sont see a established root system yet just one or two roots

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In terms of holes it’s got good drainage
And ya I had just watered it ther
Ya I know those aren’t the best but I didn’t want to transfer to something bigger yet which was all I had so I figured something temporary for a week or two would be fine
at this point I’m just wondering how quickly u gotta act before it bocces root bound I know it needs more for the transfer, but how long generally till I should wait to put them into the final pots . I started in peat moss pots, then upped to those after they got a little too big for the peat moss, as wel it was falling apart at that point and had to act fast. The first transfer was fine but I know this will be more difficult
So I obviously want to make sure the time is right
Anyone got a pic of a good ex root system time to transplant?

I know it’s definitely not ready yet but how long till I’d need to get it out. Score having problems getting root bound

Just an fyi. It’s not good to use clear containers. The lights will damage the roots that make it to the edge of the container. I would say wait until the leafs read the edge of the cup, maybe sooner

K good to kno thanks

U can transplant whenever. U can start out in the big pot if u don’t like transplanting. That just requires careful watering not to overwater. If u black out that container u can leave it in there til she’s looking over the top BUT when u do transplant don’t let the plant be down in the pot like that one is. These plants need a lot of air movement around them. Right now is when her stem should be exposed to some moving air to strengthen it and get it ready to hold heavy buds.

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Hi there, the clear pot is definitely not good for the roots of the plant so I would cover the sides in some black instalation tape…

Also seedlings do not require alot of water quite yet so try not to always keep the soil saturated with water as overwatering is the most common mistake I think growers make. Make sure soil dried before watering again.