Do I need to prune more? Am I pruning too much too soon?

These are random outdoor ladies. This one has been flowering for about 4 weeks now if I had to guess so I may be wrong.

I’ve been pinching off leaves for a while now but just wondering if I need to do more or less? You can see the leaves in the planter that I’ve pinched off this weekend.

Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

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think they look pretty good. At this point you can take off any fan leaves covering bud sites. Don’t want to over do it, those leaves are feeding the buds at this point. I think you are looking pretty good where you are.


Just a question. I am newbie and learning. Do you leave the pruned leaves on topsoil? Is there a risk to get mildew or some disease or will they dry fast outdoor? Good looking plant btw, pretty lady would say :sunglasses:. Are you growing organically?

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Always a good idea to remove your clippings. IMHO especially outdoors. Can attract unwanted pests.


Grand job, they are a gorgeous green, your giving them just what they want and need obviously.

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Funny because this is my first time growing and I just did whatever I felt was right for the outdoor girls. Recently started indoor growing and its way harder lol.

Thank you for the kind words

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I kept them on the soil to keep it from drying out so quick but yeah I don’t want pests… So I’ll clean it up.

Not growing organically. I’ve used only one bottle of nutrients and that’s Medi one. For the most part I just did whatever I felt was right and I guess I got lucky!

@Classybanana nice work! You are doing a good just removing the fan leaves doesn’t look like too much from your pictures but I’d get the access leave trimmings away from the soil. Like @Bow4Buck said you don’t need to go crazy just get the leaves blocking bud site from getting all the sun they need! Keep up the good work! Happy growing! I agree now that I’m going indoor, outdoor feels way easier. Mother nature helps a lot with outdoor grows! Set to watch if you dont mind! Stay Safe and Lit My Friends!! :fire::fire::fire::v::v:

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looks good like that… i would remove the dead stuff from your pot to avoid mold sources. It would be ok if the soil was alive with bacteria, worms and other things to consume the material, however I have living soil and towards the end game I scrape all the rotting stuff away until thengrow is finished then after harvest I replace it with new material to rot over winter.

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I’d put it and 2 weeks max.

You can leave them in the planter if you want mulch. You can also just toss them.

I was saying 4 weeks minimum for flowering so far. Because I know for sure it’s been well over 2 weeks easily since they started to flower. 🤷

I tossed the trimmings away. Don’t want to risk pests.

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Here’s some progress pics. Would like to hear people’s opinions on how much longer till harvest for this girl.

I’ll upload pics of the other girl shortly.

Outdoor girl #2