Do I need to give mango kush water every day every two days or every three days?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

During flushing time for the indoor growing mango kush small size, do I need to give it water every day every two days or every three days ? Thank you

You don’t want to over water them. You should give them water when they are dry. Use your finger to check the soil about an inch down from the top. I usually water my plants every 3 days or so.

A flush-flush? Or just no more nutes for rest of grow?

A true flush requires lots of water at a single time (2 gallons water per gallon of soil). If you are at the end of your grow & want to clear the plant of nutes, just stop nutes a couple weeks before harvest & water normally.

The strain does not matter much. The grow medium is the important thing. I used the damp finger test for potting soil, but I water-to-waste coco coir every day. That means you water it with nute solution until the solution pours out the bottom of the pot.

@bluntley420 When you say you water them, are you just pouring in say 500mls or are you pouring water in the pot until you get run off?

@revhead I Water until I get 10% run off. That usually ends up being roughly 2 - 2 & 1/2 liters per plant, depending on the size.

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Thx mate. Roughly how often?

When the soil looks dry on top and your finger stays dry after checking the soil about a finger’s length down. Maybe twice a week?

Hey Digger,
Make SURE the water is room temperature or risk freaking out the plant via the root system.
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