Do I need to get 1 ph tester for water, and another one for soil?


Do you mean between the version 1 288 and the version 2?


Well, I got one of those 260 xw’s…

Any suggestions on a good 3 x 3’ tent anyone??? I think I will get one of those fans that @dbrn32 was talkin about as I would like for it to be quiet…

Hey, Is it ok to be breathing the exhaust from a tent all the time? I was thinking maybe I could kill tow birds with one stone, as I could use more heat here in the winter…, so was thinking of putting the tent near where we sleep and are at a lot of the time in the fall, winter and part of spring… I love looking at my plants anyway!!! lol Any comments on that idea??? lol


I just bought one of the one’s u were recommending for a 3 x 3 tent… Need some lights asap, like I was saying, so just went for it!!! lol

Gotta pick out a good tent now…, and stuff for inside it,… hardware, I mean… lol

That fan u mentioned sounds good for someone that is gonna put the tent, near where people are all the time! Nice and quiet and efficient… Kinda spendy, but those I Power ones sound like they are pretty noisy…


260 xw v2, i think it is called… The light that is… lol


It’s a good one!

If you think you’ll be expanding maybe check out the one @MattyBear bought. It’s a 3x3 with an additional 1x3 area that you could eventually use as a propagation are and for vegging if you ever wanted to perpetual.


Really important for the tent to have really big, strong zippers…, and block light real good of course… Had many a zipper on various things break, and then that bag, or jacket is worthless!!! Especially, on a grow tent!!!


Thanks @dbrn32!!! I will ask him!!! That sounds good!!!

Hey, @MattyBear!!! Was wondering what kind of tent u have, and if u like it, and how long u have had it, if it seems durable with good strong zippers… All that stuff!!! Thanks u guys!!!

I @dbrn32, it needs to have 6" holes if I use that one fan u like eh???


Those fans are available in 4,6,8, and I think 10” models. So depends on which one you get. Most of tents have collapsing ports too, so as long as it’s at least the size of your fan should be good.


Here’s the tent…I’m in the middle of rearranging things, but you get the idea.


@MattyBear, Do u know what kind it is? dbrn32 said it can be made into or expanded to be 4’ x 3’? That sounds cool!!! So, I would like to check them out… Did u find it on Amazon? I do not see one like that on there… The zippers… and everything seem good and strong? Thank u!!!


It’s definitely a 4x3. The one section is 3x3, the other is 1x3 and has a shelf.


I saw that one when I got my smaller tent. Looked like a cool ‘perpetual’ set-up.


Thanks @dbrn32. I think I found that one on Amazon… It does look like a real cool setup!!!

I was looking at the questions people asked about the tent on Amazon…, and someone asked about how big the holes are for the air intake, exhaust… The bigger holes are 7" on that tent I think… Anyway this one guy gave an answer and explained his set up quite a bit… Very interesting!!! He has that tent hooked up to another tent… He has air ducked from a/c into one tent which sounds great!!! With some kind of fan at the air intake hole, I think…, but then he takes air from the first tent into the next tent!!! I guess he is trying to push unused CO2 into the 2nd tent??? I think he says…!!! VERY INTERESTING, the things that guy wrote about set ups for various lights, ect… i think!!! lol

Any suggestions on what might be the best set up as far as fans, and filters for a HLG 260 light in a 3 x 3’ or 3 x 4’ tent. I do not have a/c to get cooled air into tent, but I can open windows… Will I need to have 2 fans? One for intake and one for exhaust?

Here is the tent on Amazon that the guy wrote the comments about that I mentioned above, if anyone would like to check it out… I think u guys might find what he wrote in answer to a question about size of the holes in the tent interesting too… Maybe. lol I probably did not do the link up thing right…, but if u click on the pic, i think it will say what to look up on Amazon… TopoGrow 4’ x 3’ grow tent or something like that.,…


I think what he’s probably doing is making sure all the air is filtered from a single carbon filter.

Obviously, 2 exhaust fans one for each area would be better. You would typically want to run higher humidity in your veg space than flower. But I’m sure you could make it work with one. Lots of good fans out there too. I have a hyper fan with temp controller and ac infinity and like them both.


ok… Thanks!!!