Do I need to get 1 ph tester for water, and another one for soil?

This is THE can-o-worms question. Short answer? Yes, it will grow weed. Is it the best you can get for your money? No. One of the resident experts on the lighting thing is @dbrn32, and if he can’t help you out he can point you to someone else who can. I think there are people that build the lights as a hobby. Lots of knowledge, and so far, I’ve not seen them push “Here’s what I have, get it! It’s the best!”

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Ok… thanks!!! Let me see if I can figure out how to get ahold of that person on here then…

@dbrn32. Hey, some people have said that u know a lot about grow lights, and I really need some help!!! I know zero about grow lights!!! Never grown indoors before, and want to try to do it asap. Can u help me dbrn32??? lol

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is that how I try to get a hold of him on here??? lol

Thanks Whodat!!! :sunglasses: I think someone else mentioned him a few days ago too!!!

Of course, I could use advice from anyone that might know of a good light that hopefully costs less than $200 bucks or so, that I can grow some really good buds on a few plants or maybe more!!! Right now I have 3 little auto flowering seedlings in a green house, and I would like to switch them to lights asap before they start to flower. Should have planted regular female seeds I suppose, but I did not… :cry:

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That’s it! Unfortunately most people have lives LOL. And as popular as he is I’m sure you’re in the queue.

If someone types @heybudletsparty, you will get a blue notification in the top right.

Unless you are in the southern hemisphere…

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And if I just hit reply below what u just wrote, can anyone and everyone see what I write, or just u? Do u happen to know? Got a thing on the right a couple times saying I should reply to everyone or something like that, and I was thinking, “I thought i did!!!”… Thanks again for the help Whodat!!! Kinda new to this site, obviously!!! Tryin to figure it out still!!!:thinking:

Nah, everyone can see it. If you hit ‘reply’ under my response, I’ll get a notification that you replied. If you hit reply at the bottom of the page it just adds to the general topic. I think that since it’s just you and me so far, it is saying you can message me directly, but that would defeat the purpose because everyone on here wouldn’t know how to help.

Sorry, Tuesday’s are busy nights as daughter has ice skating lesson

How big is your grow space?

Just have 3 seedlings right now in a green house, wanna put them under lights, as they are growin too dang slow!!! And they are auto flowers…!!! Wanna grow more than that per grow though… Did not buy a tent yet or anything… for indoors… maybe a 4 x 4’ tent or 5x5’ tent. After this grow wanna grow more plants at a time. Right now, I am allowed to only grow 4 plants at a time, but soon I hope to be able to grow more plants at a time legally!!! need to get some more seeds, and start at least one more plant asap, right now, so then I will have 4 this grow… Thanks for gettin back to me so quick dbrn!!!

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I shall bow out for now, you’re in good hands.

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Well doing a 4x4 or bigger well can get pretty expensive. The light you posted earlier looks like a rebranded meizhi. Regardless of that, most will tell you that it would be good for between a 2x2 and 3x3 space, and I would probably agree.

In most cases, I work with the other members that started with lights like that and are looking to get more out of their lighting. That stuff can get pretty expensive in a hurry. I’m not unable to work on tight budget, but there’s not a lot of “good” options.

First things first, let’s get a space figured out. In most cases you’re best to get the biggest tent possible if you’re going with a tent, because everyone ends up expanding. But let’s be sure your money works for you. You said you can legally have 4 plants, is that 4 plants in flower or 4 plants total?

4 plants total at the moment…

Lol just had to chime in. I don’t think I’d buy anything called a Maygrow lol. It may or it may not work. Call it a will grow and I might think about it. :joy::rofl:

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Someone had mentioned a hp hms light on Amazon for $110 bucks… Said that would be the best bang for one’s buck…?

lol good point!!!

Yes lots of HID lights on Amazon for pretty cheap. For that same $156 you can get a true 1000 watt with both MH and HPS bulbs. Far more light than the cheap led. But with it comes far more heat. So it’s a trade off. Depending on where you live and where your grow is that might not hurt. Me the heat in summer would be a big downside.

Was kinda thinking of maybe just putting the seedlings under the light in a closet for awhile and then getting the tent later… Maybe!!! would that work? Maybe just put a regular fan on the 3 or 4 seedlings? Then get the tent and whole set up when it starts to smell like buds…?

Oh, the hp hms lights are really hot then??? Hmmmm Well, it is almost fall here now… But gotta cool the plants somehow…? Regular fan might not keep them cool enough, if I just grow them in a closet for awhile???

Yeah they put out a lot of heat.