Do I need to flush my Afghan auto?

Looks like you’ve got a little time left. Once most of the light hairs have curled back then start looking at the trichomes to determine when you’re wanting to harvest. I wouldn’t stop giving it nutes just yet. Looks like she is going to still stack on the weight.

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Cool…so maybe 2ish more feedings? I know timing is important here, lol

If were mine, I would continue feeding for another week and take another look and then make that call again week after week until I know it’s ready. I don’t have personal accounts to verify this, but based on a report one of our well respected and trusted growmies sent me the other day, you won’t be messing with anything by way of flavor or efficacy of product by not flushing for a full 2 weeks before harvest. So rather than maybe cutting nutes too early, I’d rather err on the safe side and keep feeding more or less up the point that I know I’m in the realm. I wouldn’t be surprised that your buds swell so much the next 2 or 3 weeks that they are one continuous nug top to bottom of cola! I’m set to watching on this, so be sure to update. I’m interested for sure. And get one of these or something similar so you can get trichome pics. I have this exact one and it works. Won’t make any claims that it’s the best, but she does the job.

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Awesome; that helps a lot! I got a jewelers loupe yesterday so I’m all set to peep the trichomes. I’ll definitely keep you updated as I go but for right now I’m definitely planning on taking your advice! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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You’ve got at least a month of feeding left. The flowers still have lots of time to swell up. Patience grasshopper.

Wait until about 90% of the hairs are red and have receded back into the flowers, then start looking at trichomes (crystals) in the flowers. They start clear (minimal THC), then go cloudy (peak THC), then amber. Most growers shoot for all cloudy with some amber.


Disclaimer 1st grow this Century.
I stopped the ferts 5 daze ago, ran some straight h20 thru the soil, mixed up some molasses, soaked the soil, and filled the Blumat system. Now it’s just waiting for the harvest when a bit of amber shows up.

End of the 11week, Purple Kush Auto, in my one plant MacGyver garage tent.

Lost in the Sixties :peace_symbol:

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I have no :green_heart:’s left today, but that is kind of where I’m going with mine. I’m stopping microbes on my Godfather OG, and probably going to straight water with a hit of molasses next Friday to start her flush. The week after, same for Purple Punch, and the same for the cream caramel CBD the following. Hopefully in about 4-5 weeks, I’ll only have 1 plant in the tent lol.

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