Do i need to flush im using bergmans nutes

Im using bergmans plant food and also cal mag with ro water also silica and tps signal along with sweet n sticky humbolts secret and b52 advanced nutrients and to the last thing ive given them is organic rev, i only give them half the doseage the all say but i was wondering if i need to flush them for a week or 2 before i cut them.

I don’t flush in the sense of pouring massive amounts of water through it, but I do water with straight water for the last couple weeks, or so. I might add I recently started growing organic, so it’s a mute point now.

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Gotcha, thats what i ment by flushing just watering straight water i guess i coulda worded that different lol, thanks for the reply and im working on getting to pure organic one day too i have a couple in natures living soil auto flower mix giving that a go, so far ok kinda slow but time will tell. Thanks again :+1:

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I did the chemical nute thing for years. Chased a lot of different expensive products. Now I just use happy frog soil mixed with some extra perlite, some worm castings, and some fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3, and then top dress with the fruit and flower once a month. That’s about it. Cheap, easy, and works well. Plus it gives you the option of using the same soil again.


:+1:cool thank you

I re-use the old soils with 50%mixing new material (FFOF, Worm casings and periite).


Yep, me too, and I also add some fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3. It’s amazing stuff.

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I take a full bag of FFOF and top dress it with FFHF with a 4” layer. I have never needed to add things. I have seen many growers have problems when adding other things to the soil.

Fox Farms is good on its own. I say this as I have grown exclusively with Fox Farms for 4 years 1 month. I have never had problems with insects, mold, and anything else that can go wrong.

But I do say I’m an anomaly due to I let Mother Nature do her thing. Good for her, good enough for me.

I also use the same soil for every grow. I only changed once due to the seeds landing in the toilet. It was an interesting grow and they turned into beasts.

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Ive got 1 in a pot with ffhf only , doing ok bit maybe i should try and mix the OF with it next time, thanks i appreciate all the info yall have given me