Do i need to change light spectrum from veg to flower for auto?


That’s the big question. I’m just curious if it makes a difference.


Do you have a bloom and veg switch on your light? If so run both the whole time.


:thinking::thinking::thinking: 6500K or so(more blue light) is optimum for veg. 2700K or so (more red light) is optimum for flowering. N it each is mire effective at what its good at. But as long as the girl gets adequate amounts and intensity of light. She will grow


What light do you have led or mh/hps


The answer to your question is yes.

Once an auto hits flower u treat it just like a photo. Aside from having to have complete dark.


T-5 for this grow


I have a t5 light for clones and seeds. I know there are different types of them what size is your t5 and how many do you have or is it like a rack with 4 lights in it and could you post a picture of it please