Do I need the auto-flowering for good juicing leaves?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Do I need the auto-flowering for good juicing leaves? Which leaves do you suggest?”

Maybe we could get that question re-phrased? Juicy leaves isn’t really anything I have even heard anyone say. maybe something got lost in translation?

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@bob31, I think they want to put the leaves in a juicer…I have not heard of anyone juicing MJ because it needs to reach a higher temp to release the good stuff…idk, maybe I misunderstood the question too.

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Yes you can use all marijuana leaves in a juicer and although it will not give you the benefits of being stoned you will get all the benefits that the Cannabis has to offer besides the hallucinogenic or the high effect that most people are looking for… :wink:
It’s actually pretty common a lot of people do it for morning time smoothies mixed with fruit and other things… it’s actually very healthy for you but I would recommend only juicing live good green healthy leaves , nothing that has fallen off of the plant or appears to be in disarray… :wink:

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There are some videos on Utube I’ve seen.

well that makes a lot more sense! You can juice all of the leaves. Not sure what you would get out of them… Only the Sugar leaves have trichomes.

I’m pretty sure it said Juicy Leaves when i responded though! hahahaha

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