Do i need more lights

i have 1 6oo watt hp with a light mover it moves about 2ft growing 3 plants everything looks good but thinking of adding a set of led along with the hp ,my grow area under the light is around 5-6ft long and about 1.5 -2 ft wide just enough for 3 5 gal buckets , about 9sqft area my question is if i add more light is it worth the money ? is the 600 watt enough

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600 on mover is probably enough. Just don’t have your mover on too big of a sweep. If you try to have the mover go from one end to other you’ll risk having fluff the entire space.

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got it thanks

i am in final stage of flowering i hope ,trichomes are cloudy and just starting to turn amber but noticed i am still getting new white hairs on 1 plant , can i stop the mover to try to speed up the finishing ?have already split them just seems like taking a long time to finish , or maybe i am just getting in a hurry lol ,have picked to early before and dont want to pick to early this time want cocklock , can u give me any advice

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Be patient. If they’re still throwing pistils usually means they’re still putting on weight, which is a good thing. There are ways to speed them up, but you’ll probably get more just riding them out.

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whats the advantage of 24 hs of darkness ?

thank u will take ur advice

At harvest it’s to trick the plant into making one last ditch effort at producing resin.

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The other reason to do this is because the plant sends nutrients into the canopy when lights are on and sends them back to the roots when lights are off. This means that you will harvest a plant that has leached minerals out of your finished buds that you want gone. This is even more important than resin production IMO.


when is best time to go into darkness ?when i start flushing or before

It’s the last thing you do before harvest @brandner. I put mine in a really cool at about 60° and dark place for 48 hours the last time and the Trainwreck and Gold Leaf would knock you out if you smoked a full bowl.