Do I love it? Let's find out!


:+1::+1:nice sounds like you got things going good


Congrats @Nug-bug! That Blue Cookies sounds dope! :v:


You’ve been busy! Congrats on the stock of weed and all other grows!


Nice job Nuggie


so busy, plants harvested, drying, vegging, flowering…you are really growing, but that’s why we come here…information, motivation, encouragement, people to talk to…Gratz on the stash!
:man_farmer: @Nug-bug


Thanks everyone for the kind words, it’s at least a 2oz gain from last grow, so it’s still improving.
Got the go ahead on a larger space, so I can have 2 flower spaces. Then I’ll see if I can keep up.
:sunglasses: :v: much love brothers


it’s tough keeping up…I am starting to grow past my needs, which is all I really came here for, so many temptations just being a big kid and ILGM my candy store!