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happy 420 @Nug-bug


Spending mine with Cinderella! Thanks for the tag! Mom’s birthday too and she doesn’t partake.



Well I put a sd clone outside about a week or so ago. And she’s doing great, went to top the Lil thang yesterday and she’s spitting pistols.
Do I need to wait till she reverts back to veg or can I go ahead and top. Or does that have a chance to hermie her??


If she has roots, I would go ahead and top, if that’s your plan. Should encourage back growth.


Ok here’s what’s going down,
The first round of clones, are a few days in on their sixth week of true flower.

With 4 more weeks ( mother went 10)
They should do alright. A few limbs have already been tied up from where they were falling.
Then in the veg space we have a ilgm gold leaf or crystal not to sure. Labeled them when I dropped them but may have switched.
Either way one died and the other became this monster on the left.

And to her right is a master cropped clone of the sour diesel. Then we have a clone from the gold leaf/ crystal on far right in red pot. And another sd clone behind her.also the little solo cups in red pot are 2 blue cookies. Those I found out of some fire weed and I thought I’d try my luck. Out of an Oz 1/2 only found 2 seeds. I pray their female.
I also put a sd clone outside this morning. :grinning:
I’m hoping to be able to get a decent harvest, but she will have to behave herself and not be a attention junkie.
Dug a hole and used 10gal of used ffof with 2 1/2 lbs of worm castings, couple heaping hands of gypsum, and MG perlite sadly. But it’s all I could find locally. And you know I hit them roots with myco’s
Watered her in with some big bloom, to help them roots get going. And will be using some fish hydroslate that I’ve got fermenting now. Should be ready in 5more days.
That’s it for now, thanks for stopping by.
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Looks awesome! Hopefully becomes a good outdoor crop for you.


I’m hopeful!.
Only thing I’m worried about is wpm or bud rot. Sd isn’t so resistant. I’ll be on my shoes tho


Lots of cool stuff going on! I just put a plant outside, another one going out this weekend… and I have three seedlings that have been outside for a week now as well. I have no clue what I am doing in soil, or outside, so this will be an adventurous summer.


Lots of exciting things going on in @Nug-bug gardens! What is the fish hydro slate you have fermenting? Or is that a trade secret?


Haha no secrets here bud, it’s just five or six small war mouth that I caught a month back. Mix 3:1 with water. (3 parts water)
And molasses with laco bacillus that I also made at home.
Trying a natural grow to see the difference in taste .
I can’t even remember the site I got the recipe from but I have them in my book if you’d like to have them just holler
Also have a cal-phos concoction , bim recipe and immunity recipe


Are you going to be using the fish concoction to feed the outdoor or indoor plants? Or both? Curious about the smell and how “potent” it is. Thanks broham


Just the outside plant for now.
It said that it won’t be too bad on odor but ya know. I’ll let you know in a week or so


That’s what I was thinking! Let me know amigo!


mmmm, that smell… have another hit
of fresh air

Lots of activity in your tent, clones, seedlings…monster cropping, too! Awesome😁


When I get the place to grow out doors I’m looking forward to it being a pampered beast but still not legal here . Which really pisses me off . MJ. Is legal for recreational use about a hundred miles away from my house in D.C. but I can’t grow or smoke for pain . It’s B.S.


Note to self!
After this flower cycle phase out all sdc#3’s 10-12 weeks flower is bs
Can’t turnover quick enough not with only 1 3x3 for flower.
Successful transplant on both blue cookies plants. Just fixing to spit out their 5th leaf set, will top and call it day 1 of veg
Gold leaf/crystal is getting bigger by the day, will probably have to flower her by herself, diva… need to go buy a 12gal tote and get her out of that7gal. She’s dry in 3days in veg. That will not fly in flower with me being on the road. Get your sh8t together bug


Well I have 9oz of bud and about 1 1/2 -2oz of trim
Have Goldie Hawn (gold leaf) in flower been on 12/12 for a week or so maybe 2
Still have the sd in the Ground outside and another in a 5gal bag , and a gl in a 5gal bag outside.
One Mc sd in veg space, along with the 2 blue cookies that haven’t been sexed

Edited for pic.
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You got things humming along in all arena’s!! Great haul @Nug-bug


Woohoo @Nug-bug