Do I love it? Let's find out!


Hahaha i also bought a group pack lol @Screwauger


Thanks guys for the info. Just sent my son to get another set of trimmers. (May as well put him to work while he’s here, plus I know he’ll be puffing right along with me) So maybe we can get it knocked out.


I keep debating that but if you have mainly top kola’s like I tend to they are less viable they work best when buds are removed from kolas or plants are very natural grow less lst scrog, like spaced out buds easily removed then thrown in bowl. I also don’t like the idea of all the damaged and lost trichs they result in rolling buds with paddles over a screen with spinning blades you likely get more crystals in the bowl than on finished buds just IMO :wink: But hey if you are trimming pounds solo definitely time saving


Like Countryboyjvd1971 said, you need to remove the hash whit a tiny blade and the rest of stuff whit a piece of cloth and alcohol


I do use a drill to drive mine, You need an 8 point socket to fit over the 5/8" square drive and a hex 1/4" drill to 3/8" socket drive adapter.
I just leave it in the bowl trimmer when I put it away so I know where it is. I just bought a spare 1/4" drill to 3/8" socket drive adapter last time I was at one of the stores that sells them I don’t remember which one.


I scrape and muddle on…I see this on Amazon to try


Like the others I scrape and wipe clean…


Wow been a while since I updated!
Harvested both sd , got 12 jars of great bud. 1st one I watered right before harvest,not knowing she was ready and she didn’t cure right. No smell.
The 2nd is fire. Burns ya nose when you open the jar, straight fuel smell :money_mouth_face: I love it
Made some rso out of the trim and WOW
should stand for
Outer space
Much love everyone!!


You’re such a slacker!! :rofl:


Happy 420 everyone!!!
Much love to all my fellow cultivators :sunglasses:
Yall be easy now
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Thanks Nug-bug!! Happy 420!!


Thanks @Nug-bug for the celebratory well wishes on a wonderful 420 Day…time to get high :grin:


Happy 420 Friday! @Nug-bug


Happy 420 @Nug-bug


Happy 420 everyone


Thx buddy… Will be a very very happy 420… It’s samples time :wink:


@Nug-bug thanks for the happy vibes and to everyone here sorry I haven’t been around as much but will try to drop in more . This grow is nothing special so I have not been showing it off like some past ones . Trying to save money can be great through veg but when flower hits is when the money and effort of starting in better soil really pays off. Live and learn . Happy 420 to all @ktreez420 @yoshi haven’t forgot you guy’s either .


I love sample time


For me is the only stuff I have so I sample a lot :joy: