Do I love it? Let's find out!


If you have the possibility try it… But wach them both very closely the entire time :wink::+1:.
Also you need to do the same thing to both always.


They look great @Nug-bug Very nice!


Looking good! :+1::+1:


They look great!


Here’s the new space. Made out of 1x4s and 4x8 poly board

Have my original 3x3 inside, hopefully To be able to run a veg space in the other side


nice @Nug-bug


Thanks @BIGE will aquire the needed inline fans this week hopefully and will have it up and running in a week or so :ok_hand:


i’m still trying to configure mine @Nug-bug
i just have a sixx inch going now,but would like to get 4 in fan going for smaller duties…lol


The plan is to have one 6in for intake on the air cooled hood, and one to bring the exhaust out. So 2 just for the light. Then the 4in intake for the tent, and a 6in with carbon filter for the exhaust in tent.( already have that) then I’ll need a 4in for the room and a exhaust for it.
Thinking @Countryboyjvd1971 could give me an idea if I’m on the right track


Sounds good to me
Maybe draw a quick picture of the layout so i can see a visual but sounds like tou on the right track lol


The space is 8x4x8h with a 3x3x6-1/2 tent.
I plan to run the 600w hid in tent and the , marshydros in the leftover part for a veg space.

OR do I need to go another route? @Countryboyjvd1971
Oh and while I’m at it , I need help with my new ph meter. I’ve tried 3 times to calibrated it to no avail. It’s the apera ph-20 that’s been posted here on the forum several places.
The smiley face pops up for the 7 and then I go to get the 2nd point of calibration on the 4 but it reads error every time. And it’s not giving accurate information
Anyone who has this meter please share some insight. @M4ur @BIGE @ktreez420 @kabongster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


boy i’m not sure there @Nug-bug and my meter is asleep in the shed…sorry


Thanks anyway @BigE yeah I bought the $50 meter trying to get away from the cheaper one in favor of a more reliable one, and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong😂


have you been in touch with apera ?
i’m spoiled at the moment with ph perfect nutes.
the only time i really use it is when i water or suspect problem somewhere…lol
going to try a bubbler system soon so i need to get into the habit again…lol


Not yet not much for talking to folks , last resort kinda deal??


You read the instructions? That I read is that you need to put the instrument in 7.0ph calibration solution and hit the cal button (or what is his name). More info is on the manual I guess :+1:
Let me know how this end.
I have a manual one(whit screwdriver).


Yes I read them 5 times !! And starting with the 7 calibrated then your supposed to go to 4 for the 2nd point calibration.
That’s when the fit hits the shan


sorry, not my brand $50 meter, I have an HM Digital brand…


@Nug-bug sounds like you are doing it right. Im gonna be right back

Is it this meter?

Apera Meter



Apera Meter PH 20

Looks pretty basic, but here is all I could really find?