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Good thinking, sorry about that @WillyJ.


@WillyJ fam can i ask i got 1mx1mx2m got mhid and hps i am in veg 6weeks in so i got both lights runnig for full range the thing im asking is it ok to run the mh at 600w and the the hps at 400w and wen i go into flower i will change to hps 600w and mhid to 400w i ask cause of the size of my tent bless


I just run the mh during veg and the hps in flower… I don’t run both together in the same room…I don’t know the benifit of that… I guess a fuller spectrum but they do just fine in veg with just mh and hps in flower


Hey can someone help me think out a situation please.
I have tworked sd fems in ffof only watered them in the other day. While one has been standing and waving the past 2 days the other one is kinda dropped? What gives,??

See what I mean???
@Donaldj @bob31 @Majiktoker


maybe the roots were disturbed more on the droopy plant making it harder to bounce back?
leafs look somewhat heavier also… @Nug-bug
they both still look great!


Thanks @bige!!!
She is still growing I guess,the main that I topped is still shooting out the tops. It’s just she ain’t so perky…
I guess I wouldn’t be too perky if someone cut my head off and moves me🤔


no doubt @Nug-bug,i would not worry so much,just be a watchful gardener…lol you know!!!
she might be sluggish until after those roots stretch out some!
she looks to be the bigger plant anyways…lol


@Nug-bug What @BIGE said

transplant shock. Do you have anything to give her? Super Thrive is what I give at transplant!


I gave super thrive at transplant with initial watering in


Next watering giver miss droopy another shot of ST and that will bring her around! @Nug-bug


Ok @bob31 , I leave out tomorrow for a week solid so I will give them a shot of super thrive and big bloom in the am. Maybe that will hold em til my return
Thanks for your time ,I know you be busy
Or do you think I should wait on the bb, fresh ffof is what their in???


If they just went into fresh FFOF I would wait another week before starting nutrients. @Nug-bug


Ok guys, update time…
After a week since last picture

OR ten days rather , they are getting a toe hold and taking off!!
First dose of ff grow big and big bloom,with Mammoth p.
@BIGE @Screwauger @kabongster @WillyJ @Willd @M4ur @Stonetothebone @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Tylan


Nice ladys!


they look great…

I have been using that Mammoth P…I have to sit and think when my free sample is gone, will I buy more?


Woohoo @Nug-bug looking good my friend
:+1:CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Just compare the grow whit that stuff - - - with something else you have (if you used something else) :slight_smile:


wow looking great @Nug-bug


I plan on taking clones, especially the faster growing one. And will do a side by side and see if it is worth the price.
Ff nutes , only difference will be the Mammoth p


Thanks guys :sunglasses: