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Try leaving a bottle full of water with some pin pricks in it. Only small holes but enough to slowly leak out. For my stealth grow up a tree, to save going up everyday, I’ve got a 2 litre bottle that I leave the lid very slightly undone and turn upside down. Depending how loose the lid is depends on the leak rate. I did have a bottle with pin pricks in there laying down that worked well but when I’d climb the tree, no matter how much I tried not to, I would always end up squeezing the bottle a bit and getting wet! :umbrella: just an idea :wink:


I don’t want to hijack @Nug-bug thread, but tag me over to your grow so we can talk about your tree weed! Sounds awesome!


Check this

Christmas came early :smile:
Gonna see if I can turn out a 1/2 with my 2 girls this time , hang around and I’ll get some pics


Pop date Oct. 10th.
Transplanted this am, topped sometime this week.

Will get the tent and all up sometime, landlord still hasn’t came got her stuff :angry:
Oh well it’s consistentRoots Were Phenomenal hope they come on wit it


@Nug-bug i would be furious by now…
come get your stuff already landlord! lol


Yeah @bige it’s beyond frustrating, got my garage and a bed room with stuff all in it. Paying for half a house is that Bullstank


big time bullstank!


Nice stuff you have there :wink:


Thanks @m4ur finally was able to turn loose of the $$


What is the recommended distance for a 600 hid from plants ? Saw 24,20 16 just got this light
Usually… strike that
Have only 1 grow under my belt and that was with marshydro 300’so
@Donaldj @ktreez420 who else🤔
Oh @kabongster don’t you have hid?


Hopefully this will help you @Nug-bug

That’s for an air cooled hood…get the light were you want it and put your hand under it palm down at canopy height and hold it there if it feels to hot move your light up a little and do it again


Thanks @WillyJ guess I will start out at 24??


@Nug-bug are you vegging and flowering with that light? If so you will want a mh bulb for vegging and a hps bulb for flower… your gonna be growing now! You should get the results your looking for with that light :+1::+1:


Yes I have the mh bulb in now, just fired up the tent/ light to monitor Temps in garage setting.
Will have to stay in bathroom till I get back next week. Need 2x4s to frame out the 4x8 room. Will hold my tent and hopefully a veg space😎
Tent is 3x3x6
Later might put additional 600hid for a kickass flower space and veg in tent🤔
@WillyJ thanks again for response and yes I hope to get big fat buds… what the whaaaaaaaat


I have always worked on the concept of as close as you can with vented hood a person can get a 600w pretty close but above chart is good start point


these are charts I used for recommendations


and for HPS


Yes you still have room between the glass and the bulb and with the 600 you can get pretty close…mine are probably 6-8" in some spots and are fine…I wouldnt recommend that close right away…I let them grow up close then move a little… I keep an eye on them…this is also my last grow with these bulbs I’ll be getting new ones when flower is done…now with the 1000’s its a different story @Donaldj


Oh I had no idea that it could get that close without damage thanks for the info


Just be careful my plants are under the 600’s for a couple months and I usually keep them around 12" and they grow close then I move up the light…with these air cooled hoods the heat is no problem so its the intensity of the light that will burn them so keep close eye on them until you get it in the sweet spot @Nug-bug


@dbrn32 this is my thread didn’t want to crowd willyj’s thread ,but you can Supercropping throughout the veg and 2weeks into flower,some do it into 3rd but I don’t push it that far.
But yes what you said in the other thread is the purpose and the benefits