Do I love it? Let's find out!


A while back we was having a windy day so I decided to tie down the pants on the deck…went to get string and when I return the ptw I’m taking today wasn’t there…I look down over railing and there she is about 12 ft or so down on her side…thank you god there was minimal damage lost a branch she was still vegging…I wonder if that stress has made her finish up earlier than others…I got 2 more outside they went out a little later but they are clones off same mother so same age but huge difference in amber mostly milky and maybe a couple ambers here and there on these other 2…maybe I should drop these off the deck also? Lol


It’s a good possibility that triggered her into a survival mode @WillyJ


Hahaha she probably thought you was gonna kill her😂 12ft wow!
These ain’t no girly girls .


Some tiff bitches right there hahha


Yes couldn’t believe it! She looked a little ruff for a few days but bounced rite back! I’ll be taking her in a few just finishing up some other stuff…pics will follow


Looky Looky, this sd is so smooth and so much flavor,just wish the high was better. Next ones I’m gonna let go 10-11 weeks


looks good from here @Nug-bug…lol


I’ll second that @BIGE @Nug-bug @WillyJ


That’s a third here! @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug @BIGE


Happy birthday @Countryboyjvd1971 just saw the cake,have a goooden


Hey fellas I’ve got a new job where I’ll be traveling, and this weekend is when the landlord is coming to get the rest of her stuff out.
I’ve got a clearesponse sterilite container with holes drilled,will my girls be ok outside for a couple days? They are in the Lil 8oz solo cups,not the reg. ONES .
What say yall @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd @WillyJ ???


I thinks so @Nug-bug what are temps like in your area at night and day ?


It still hitting 90 in the day , high 60’s low 70’s at night @Countryboyjvd1971
Thanks for the quick response


I just didn’t know if the small solo would keep her moist for 2 days in the sun and heat?


90 in the day I’d put them in mostly shaded spot so heat in container won’t rise to much and check solo cups each day as even the reg size tend to dry fast…I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 they should be ok @Nug-bug


Thanks @WillyJ I think I’m gonna put it right at the edge of water hole/pond. Maybe it will seep in from bottom enough to keep em moist. ???,


That’s a good idea @WillyJ with the shade
I would give them a decent drink right before you leave Since they are in small cups should dry out fast enough that won’t cause a issue


You could give that a try but a good watering in the morning and check them as soon as you get home like @Countryboyjvd1971 says you should be ok


Thanks guys that’s the route I went , I’m optimistic :sunglasses:


Hey guys been a while since I updated.
Of the 3 seeds I planted 1 died , but the others are pushing out their 5th set!!!

I’m gonna be gone for 7-10 days working thanksgiving week,so I’m gonna let them ride in the cups till the day before I leave. In hopes that the new 5gal pot will keep em going til I return. :thinking: maybe so…