Do I love it? Let's find out!


Hey guys been drying in tent 3 days Temps 68 rh has been 48-52
Came home today and it is dry on outside bud still can fill moisture inside.
So I divided it up in 3 big Brown grocery bags, will that help slow it down??
Or do I go to jars?? I was thinking in 2 days go to jars ,while burping bag 3 times a day .
@Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Hogmaster


It hangs in my tent for seven days with the humidity around 35% if you put it in paper bags it will dry faster I wouldn’t put it in a jar after three days otherwise it will be mold


K thanks man your the best


I do like you are though and hang 3 days or so then finish in brown bags for 2-3 more days be careful it will dry out fast if not paying attention @Nug-bug


I took them back out and hung. Spooked when you said it would dry faster.
I had 3 small fans all pointed at wall of tent to stir air,however when I put them back in turned 2 of them off so maybe just 1 will do the trick??
Thanks again for your quick response @Hogmaster


So how did these turn out?


Smoking great, may have jumped the gun about a week but with the move it had to be done.
Don’t know about weight,filled up 12 jars. With the buds still attached to stem,so idk 3-4 Oz I’m happy,seeing as how I haven’t bought any in 2 weeks in new town no hook up.
OK enough rambling question:
Do I love it??? You bet you’re sweet buds :sunglasses:


Dropped 3 sd fems.
Will be in new garage huge space,will be building veg space and flowering in 3×3 with the new 600w light I’m gonna pick up.
Pics of the new girls in a few days !!!
Keep em green!! :sunglasses:


awesome @Nug-bug i’ll be watching!


Dude sorry I didn’t see tag about the drying but @Hogmaster took care of you so all good
I’m going to be redoing my grow room as well I plan on coming out of the tents and just having two rooms :+1: @Nug-bug
More square footage more plants hahahah
Woohoo on new grow started


Checked the girls earlier and all tree popped with a Lil tail. Put them in seed starter with good ol yard dirt mixed in.
Now let’s see if all 3 stand up for daddy. :sunglasses:
Have a gooden


Hopefully by the end of the day all three will be standing and saluting


Can you move the light a little closer in the meantime?


Hey @Willd thanks for the interest, yeah I raised them up another 3in, wouldn’t have this problem if I could go ahead and setup.
I was really just posting my findings, as I sipped my cup o mud.


See sir @willd not too bad , but still leggy


@Nug-bug your good can you get later get a little closer ? If you can lower it a bit


Well while I was back filling my cups to support the stem I knocked over one of my girls fell about 5ft!!! :astonished: found that the tap root was just about at bottom of cup already? Anyways I picked her up in think she’ll be ok,didn’t seem to be broken so …


Oh know @Nug-bug
I’m sure she’ll be fine I know you gently repotted her :+1:


Gentle of course, I only use the "pimp hand " after they in veg :joy: @Countryboyjvd1971
Went ahead and and moved them to tub with a 300w overhead , go ahead and eliminate stretch


Perfect I think they can handle the bigger light too
:+1:hahahah pump hand :raised_back_of_hand: thanks for the laugh bro