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Same situation white my clone… But I don’t want to do anything now… She’s almost done.
Give her some nitrogen if you cut her off from nutes, also check if she’s need more water, them drink like a pro now on the final weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It may be the result of that @M4ur , last week I let her go a lil to long she was drooping bad. But she did perk up by the same evening,and 100% the next day.


Definitely don’t let that happen again she’ll think she’s dying and could start to herm… I’d do what your doing with the lights and see how she does


Hey guys we are gonna ,more than likely lose our power. I bought 2 6in 12v fans. Only option is could find to keep the air moving.
If the lights go off for like 2 days will it end my grow? Or will she be OK when the lights come back?
@Donaldj @WillyJ @garrigan65 @Niala
Week nine sun is start of week 10 from flip


For 2 days, they do not gone a like it, however, they should be ok, @Nug-bug :wink::slight_smile:


@Nug-bug can you get a battery operated light or 2 maybe that would be enough to keep your light cycle ok?


Thanks guys!
I’ve got a battery powered led don’t know if it will work,but only have 2 and , my “best girl” isn’t about to let me put them with lil girl :astonished:
I may just go ahead and try to split stalk and give her 3 days???
REALLY thanks for quick response @Niala @WillyJ


You’re welcome my friend, and I will had that, that close to harvest, I will not border at all :laughing::wink::innocent:


How old from flowering are they @Nug-bug




Cut one so I could check trics


looks great @Nug-bug


You check them buy tasting them? @Nug-bug hahhahaha
Looking great brother nice job


Hard to tell in tent???
Anyhoo I knew I’d catch dookie :wink:
Need to let her go till net week,we’ll see


My trichomes are mostly milky with a few amber still see a few clear probably start to harvest this weekend…it says on the site that they should finish in 9-10 weeks Sunday is 10 weeks for me and you also I believe…my friend says they’re known to go longer sometimes 12 weeks or so…mine need to come down this weekend the ones I got in veg are getting huge alot bigger than planned lol your plant looks great :+1::+1:


@Hogmaster. 33 years old here… had beta max and VHS! And we created the original download too. ::calls radio station to request fave song, then wait for 30 mins with a cassette ready and your finger on the record button::


Was able to drive fillet knife through her this am ,however the bamboo skewer wouldn’t complete the journey. It ended about 3/4s tru
Harvest sat, WOO MF-ING HOO


OK first off thank you God for leading me here!!
2nd look at this

Got more off her than I thought :smiley:


Nice @Nug-bug. Hope you weight her before… I will tag you somewhere to share your harvest if you wish.


Ya done good, nuggy