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Nice plant bro!


Thanks for the kind words guys
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She’s looking fantastic! That’s right today is 4 weeks in flower for both of us :+1:I’ll take some pics later today or tonight…today I promised my wife I’d go to the beach with her today instead of working on something or the plants lol…but first I have to go out and mow the lawn! haha


Yeppers it’s been 4
Bout 3 weeks since first pistols for me.
Hopefully can get them to fatten up @WillyJ


Nice looking crop. They still have some growing to do, tops are still round. They will get all pointy first then they swell up.


Oh okay @Stomper thanks for the tid-bit! Just made my day😀


Hey guys quick question, I have 3-300w Mars in a 3x3 however. I didn’t let her fill up the whole tent.
How close together can the lights be? Will the light overlap and be bad for plants or is that a thing?
Would it be safe for light and plant , for me to hang all three within inches of each other?
Wondering if I’m giving her the intensity needed to fatten up?
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good question @Nug-bug, sorry but i do not know. i will be interested to see what someone in the know says…


@Nug-bug I have two galaxy hydro 300 watt light in my 2x2x4 tent with my last Auto I was about 12 inches away when she finished just fine with big dense buds I had them angled toward center ?
I only used two in a much smaller space but think if they are the same lights you should be fine and she will probably love you for it
@Hogmaster thought here


OK the lights were 12 in from plants or each other?
Currently 25 in away from plants with leaves doing the dance

So I can crowd lights together?


@Nug-bug when I added a second light to mine, . I spaced them evenly, 6 inches from wall, light, 8 inch gap, light, 6 inches to wall (did that make any sense). My tent is 36 inches, my lights are about 8 inches wide each.

But as for the closeness to each other, if there is a vent on that side, I would leave a couple inches for venting heat.


Thanks @Ron330


3 lights, you could try something like this
light might be a tad weaker on the one side with only 1 light on it, but should also get some overlap from the other side. Just have to play around with it depending on the plants in there. I think 3 in a row would be overkill in the center, and weak on the outer edges. But its a 3x3, probably any way you configure it with 3 lights, you will have coverage…


Yeah I went and dropped them a couple inches and positioned them closers together.

Don’t have to cover whole 3x3 because the plant doesn’t fill out whole screen?
We’ll see what she looks like tomorrow when I get home.
Thanks for ya help and time


I just lower mine from 15 to 11-12.i forget to lower her … Now I need to wait till tomorrow to see any reaction of them.


@Nug-bug you’re on the right track.

You can do what you’re asking, here’s what you want to consider. At any height, your light has so much intensity over a given area. It will have the most intensity directly underneath the center of the light, and get weaker as you move toward any edge. If you raise your light, all of those numbers will drop and the footprint of your light will get bigger. If you lower it, the intensity will go up but your footprint will get smaller.

Moving 2 lights closer together or further apart will have similar results. The closer together they get, you’ll start to see the light intensity come up at the point where the 2 lights begin to blend. Most lights if ran close enough together can provide one central “hot spot” that will be greater than the intensity of a single light alone. Whether that is good or bad really depends on how much light intensity is there and how it translates into your new total footprint.

If you want to tinker around with it, there are a few smartphone apps that measure light output. They’re not really worth a damn for hard data, but a decent one should show you some references to what you get from 1 light at a given location vs 2 lights at any given location.

Hopefully that helps.


Sure does thanks for the info


Your looking good bro I normally do just like @Countryboyjvd1971 does :wink:


Sorry @Nug-bug yes you can get the lights close together I would hangone center and the others of on angel towords center :+1:


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster