Do I love it? Let's find out!


Look at them buds! Nice job pal!!!:+1:


1 gal 6.8 , turned fan up a lil bit rh high61%
So maybe will remedy.
Thanks for the compliment @MattyBear


K fellers I went and checked on her today and I really thinking about mold and mildew,
Never grew before so I don’t know what to expect.
All the shoots and buds leaves are so close and dense that I’m scared of mold.
And some of my Colas are coming out from under fence and where the light is making the lower buds grow like colas, they are on the metal fencing, so will this be OK?


I would think if you have air moving constantly in your tent/grow area you should be ok never shut your fans off …I would try not to let it get any higher and to hot…


I know this is a question from 13 days ago lol but if your lights ever go out again you can actually take one of those cheap battery powered lanterns or a flashlight as long as there is a light in your tent it will keep them awake until your power comes back on or until it’s time to shut them off but I’d share that information with you and whoever else stumbles upon this that ever has that issue I had it a few weeks ago have a lantern downstairs it’s a little LED lantern but it does what it supposed to do


Good info @Donaldj… Thx


UPDATE 7/30 9:17am
Fed 1 gal 6.7 ppm?
3rd full week 12/12

She’s not stretching like I was expecting?
Hope all is well?

And to what I was referring to last night

See how the budlets are growing at the wire? When the buds grows ,will it encompass the wire and cause mold or disease?

@WillyJ @kabongster @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Donaldj what’s the verdict?


Looking good


I’ve never done a scrog yet because I veg in one room and flower in another but the screen being metal I wouldn’t think it would cause mold or any other issues but couldn’t say for sure…I’m sure one of the more experienced growers will chime in…


Thanks @WillyJ just being cautious! Ya know!
Would kill me if it went south now🙈
Thanks @Donaldj trying to stay with it


I think you’ll. Be ok @Nug-bug
Looking great


the flowers look real nice…I had a few lower buds grow around my string screen without apparent problems.


Thanks for the feedback @kabongster :+1:


looking great @Nug-bug


Got it going on there @Nug-bug , looking Good …


Thanks @Stonetothebone just realized that I have trics today! Wasn’t there the day before yesterday. :sunglasses:


Nice, I’m chopping the bit to get back lol … @Nug-bug


Gave lil girl 1 1/2 gal of 6.7 at week 7 ff
4 full weeks after switch

You guys think she’s good?
I purchased my pocket microscope along with beastie bloom and cha ching. Should be here before next feeding I hope.

Starting to smell really good!

Well thanks for stopping by
@WillyJ @kabongster @bob31 @M4ur @Stomper @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj
@McLovin777 @MattyBear


a nice even canopy, plenty of hairs and lots of buds…real nice looking garden :wink:!!


Looks great from here @Nug-bug Nicely Done!