Do I love it? Let's find out!


Nice and full bodied.


Very nice!


Great work @Nug-bug


Wow! She really spread out her limbs. So full bodied. Great job.


:eyes: looking great @Nug-bug going to have some nice buds real soon :+1::v::cowboy_hat_face:


OK guys I fudged up!
I somehow left she’d light on since yesterday. Plant in tent with everything closed except passive vents,and they are covered with ac filter.
But it’s not light roof.
2 full weeks on 12 hrs.
Will she hermie from 1 night?
I bout lost my sh8t and ripped her out the scrogg, when I first walked in. First tear in my eye since my 15 year old shitzu died.:cry:
I know there’s probably only bad news so be gentle! @kabongster @Countryboyjvd1971
@Donaldj @Hogmaster @Majiktoker


dang! it will be ok @Nug-bug… i would not think so,but i’m no expert…lol


50/50 chance keep a close eye on them if they have barely the start of any flowers I think you’ll be fine


Oh thank you @Majiktoker , lil bit of hope

Will it show up as nanners or sacks?


Stress induced it will show up as a yellow banana


@Nug-bug sorry to hear about the light…the way we all feel for our plants, I’m surprised the people growing haven’t sprouted yellow bananas when sh*t happens.


Hahaha I know right :sunglasses:
Thanks guys
@kabongster @Majiktoker


Hopefully it will be ok…I know the feeling you got…when I saw a nanna i about died then I stayed in room at lights out and found the glow from dehumidifier…I covered those light but ut still glowed around the tape…when I found the first nanna I panicked and pulled the ptw out…chopped her the next day and then I found a few on the 2 other plants…I plucked them and since I fixed the light leak I haven’t found anymore…they are almost ready…needless to say I was pissed at myself for not checking the dehumidifier after I covered the lights…


Same problem @Nug-bug :cry:, my wife forgot to close the door when them was going to sleep so now am waiting to see if they will be fine… For now I don’t see any signs of hermi. Let’s prey together :joy:


4 sure @M4ur



How bout that huh?

This morning I gave her a gal of 6.8 with 1ml mammoth p.
So stoked about lil girl, she’s making me a proud papa😎


Beautiful job @Nug-bug your going to have a sh!#load of bud right there :+1:


Amazing bro… Amazing!


Thanks @M4ur and @WillyJ I hope so!
Hopefully at least 5 so I can make it to the next one.
This dang moving is messing up my wanted rotation, but it will happen before long.
Need to do some more work to shed before next round so I guess it worked out


They look sweeeet dude, great job @Nug-bug!!