Do i keep up nitrogen in flowering?

I have been feeding with gold leaf fertilizer.

Supposed to be a seed to harvest all you need fert. So far so good.
But i do believe there dosing chart is on the safe side. (Thank the gods) i used table spoons not tea spoons. So ive been cramming 3x nutes down her throat every 3-4 days. When pot is light. Also did cal mag as needed. SO THE QUESTION IS? Do i keep it up? Or dial back cold turkey?


So idk anything about that fertilizer, but i know they need less nitrogen in flower then leading up to flower. .

However, they do need food so if that’s what you got and its working, i say keep giving it. Plants look good to me so whatever you are do seem to work.

That being said, they do need different things in flower and you could maybe benefit from learning if that fertilizer you got has it .
Wish i could help but someone will soon im sure…


Keep feeding until you find something better. Not going to hurt but it isn’t the best npk for flower. Think tiger bloom or floranova bloom or similar