Do i have to remove fan leaves

Hello people,

Sorry for bothering, i have question, as i remember i was removing fan leaves in the past. How do you think, do i already have to remove big leaves from my plant? She’s exactly 4 weeks old autoflowering gorilla glue. Thanks for your time and advice.


Hi there. can you just tuck them ? or maybe tie them down a bit? take pics without light on or use flash. It looks like a beautiful poinsettia plant. :wink:


I wouldnt yet. Let her fatten up.

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Has it started flowering? I’ve got one going on day 26. Nothing like yours, and it has not started flowering yet. I’m glad because I fimmed it two days ago. Probably a bad idea. I’ve never done it before.


Hello, no it hasn’t started flowering yet. Probably it’ll start in a week or so i think.

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@Nodriges Hello. It helps if you post pics with natural lighting so responders can get a better look at it. Your still dealing with a small plant but imo, kind of a growers preference to me, I’d likely take a few of those very large upper fans that are shading out the lower structure. If there’s anything at the base I’m also a lollipopper style grower so I’d plan on theiir removal at some point as well. Good luck!! :+1:t2:

I pop the leaves off at the start of the leaves. I leave the little stem till it dries completely. One time I was removing and it took off part of the main branch. Luckily it bounced back so I am very careful now removing any leaves.

The inside of the red circle is where I pop the Fan leaves from.

But be careful doing this with Autos. They can get stunted which sucks.


With auto flowers best to just tuck leaves under or back so you expose lower bud sites, and tie them down, I have a forbidden runtz auto 22 days old, I’ve only taken 2 leaves off that were touching the soil, and I just tied branches and the main cola tied over a little and down and tucked leaves, I probably won’t defoliatenunless absolutely necessary