Do I have to decarb or is this alright or have I waisted 7g of it?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi,I was making some cape juice and it said to decarb the bud. It was dried and cured and was dry as. I used 93% distilled alcohol with 10% distilled water so it is stronger than over proof. Do I have to decarb or is this alright or have I waisted 7g of it. There was a lotvof shake with resin Crystal’s all through it. Should I decarb or can I get away with it this time or do I dump it and start again and decarb first. It was harvested and curered good so what is your advise.Also I am very interested in your online course. Can you answer my question and send some info on the course,the cost and what you get,ect. Thanks guys and look forward to your reply.


I’ve always been under the understanding that it is imperative to decarb when making vape juice.

I’ve done allot of extractions but I’ve never made vape juice myself so I can’t speak from experience

Generally you decarb to change the THCA into THC. This is believed to increase the thc. However when you decarb the heat will decrease your THC. Kinda a catch 22 but most folks do decarb.