Do I have pests or light burn ? Please help

The leaves just look like something eating them or lights eating them away idk please help I grow in coco perlite mix on 18/6 light cycle 24 inches above using mars hydro sp3000 and 85% light on dimmer in 2x4 closet grow 2 gallon pots! 20201024_165106|666x500

Its not light burn. Id look for a critter

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I’ve looked I dont see anything what do I use I use the flora trio nutrients

I’m growing in coco what critters could it be

Looks like if it is, maybe a cricket

Do you take em outside… it looks like caterpillar

No never I see nothing like that theres nothing I can see anywhere either

Gnats will make holes but I guess the way they do it the edges will be brown right away but I have never claimed to have seen everything so it could be gnats because gnats are the most common indoor pest. There’s a ton of over the counter sprays that work or many homemade stuff. I always used sand on top of my soil and peroxide water spray but I just switched to living soil that I top dress so I now use diatomaceous earth and a mix of neem oil and dishwashing liquid. Most of these will take care of most pests

Could it be bacteria

I had an opinion of not feeding enough in the coco do yall agree I havent feed but twice