Do I have mold?

I’m drying my buds for now 8 days.
I noticed white stuff on one of the bud, but not sure if just lot of crystals or…mold.
there is particular odor/smell (beside of weed of course…)
Any feedback is appreciated.

It’s hard to tell from the pic. It does look a bit like mold. Use a 60x loupe. If you see strands that look like spiderwebs it’s mold.

Affirmative, looks like mold. If it happened during drying it’s because of low air circulation and hi humidity. They need lots of circulation, low temps, and low humidity.

A dehumidifier and an AC unit in the same enclosed room will do the trick even in the debt of summer’s sweltering heat and humidity.

i’m drying in my (small) grow tent, light off, temps are between 24.5 and 28 C. humidity is constant at 45-46.
I have 4 PC fans with a controller on low speed. No weird smell. I’ll check with a loupe.