Do I have enough light?

Hey everyone, first time grower. I’ve been doing a little reading and I’m starting to worry that I don’t have enough light to produce nice big dense buds that I was hoping for. I have 2 white widow autos in FF OF soil, they are 11 days old today. The room is 3x8x8 BUT I only use one side and it’s 3x3. I have a cr600 light and 2 3000k light bulbs 17”-18” from top of plants as you can see in the picture. Do I have enough light to produce the buds that we all hope for when growing ???
(Pictures of light specs below)

Ohh they are all LED & (Plants are in dark cycle atm)

130 watts will flower one plant. I would look for a more quality light built with Samsung LM301 diodes.


HLG sells some amazing lights! I just upgraded to a 350R from them.

Previously i had a Spider Farmer SF2000.

I use a 2x4 tent as a grow space.

I agree you’ll want more light for optimal growong conditions! :grin:

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I also just bought an hlg 350r, and am on my first grow. I have an auto and a photo going. Amazing light so far.


For very good lights at a lower price than the HLGs - green-beams(dot)com. They sell two models, a 240 W, and a 480. The 240s are $179, and the 480 is $379. Shipping for the 240s is $17, they are assembled in the USA and arrive quickly - mine made it in 3-4 days.

Solid light with detachable meanwell driver with an 8 foot extension so you can mount the lights out of the tent.

The last auto I grew under it yielded 8 oz, so I’m very happy with the performance.


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What are you even talking about? Nobody is “pushing tech” - just making nice rearrangements of whatever the current available components are - and even Samsung diodes are manufactured in Asia. If you were talking to me, the lights I use are assembled in the USA, and are good sturdy lights for not a ton of money. They are perfect for a small hobby grower.

Are you all right, man? This forum is usually very civil, and you seem… not so much.


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Wow, dude - go smoke a joint. Are you the CEO of HLG or something? Is someone eating your lunch?

Not everyone has high hundreds into the thousands to buy their lights. So here we are, capitalism at work.

Seriously, chill. There are actual real problems in the world worth getting het up about, this isn’t one of them.

I did not have the greatest lights when I started. I couldn’t grow great colas like I see in the pictures here. But, I was able to grow enough to meet my needs. No I wasn’t gonna win any awards. As I’ve gotten more money and more education about lights I’ve purchased newer better ones. When making a light decision, it’s not just the price of the lights but also the price of the electricity. (Also why I bought better lights!). I keep reading and learning, and will someday grow beautiful colas too!:wink:

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HLG are great. Lovem. But there are others that produce just as well a little less pricey. HLG gives a great build and cost reflects. I think customer service warrants some of the cost. Greenbeams…Electric sky…and several others perfectly functional at a lower price. Not everyone can shell out the cash. @MeEasy has a couple sponsors I believe and tests a few brands. I hope he responds and gives you a couple ideas. A good light immediatly is worth the cost. Can grow anywhere with a good 1.