Do I have enough light for this space?

Okay, so I’ve finally transplanted all of my baby’s in their final pots and I’m curious for some input on whether I have enough light for the space(first time grower).

It’s a 4 by 2 foot space, I have 2 450 watt or so it says led lights… Was thinking about throwing some lights around the lower parts of the tent as they grow.

Side light is never a bad idea but you add up the real watts not what it’s supposed to act like. I would like to say your fine with that for no bigger than you have the room for them to grow

I personally would have only done 2 in that space max three for a scrog

Thanks for the advice.

Yah it’s 5 plants the 3 in the middle are the focus but I guess I’m semi testing what can be done. They are in 3 galleon pots…

Is there a real watt stat for LEDs?

Yes an I know 600 watt are actually only about 150 watt from what I have seen so far

Aww well that’s not great to hear.

typically led lights are about half the watts they claim to be and as a general rule you aim for 30w per sqft min for veg 45-55w flower so you are just about perfect for your space 8x35=280w min and you have as a guess 400w give or take which is roughly 50w a sqft. Though your lights could probably be a little closer to your plants :slight_smile:

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First you need to find the sweet spot for the LED panels you using , which should be from 16-24 inches above seedlings . Than 4 & 5 which is the smaller ones in the photo , they maybe slow in growing do to mass room for rooting and not being transplanted correctly , bug the main 3 looks good . Long as you have no time release soil medium and feed them correctly , you should do extremely well .

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Thanks for all the input…I will get the lights a bit closer. Everything is sort of in the air as far as the 2 smaller ones, I maybe putting them outside if I feel the space is getting to tight, or lights spread to thin I suppose. Gonna have to find some panel lights for lower or I was possibly thinking about getting a 600w(led) for the middle and put the other 2 on each side, one positive is I have a pretty decent venting situation.

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And as far as the little ones I transplanted them to fast?

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light from LEDs is deceiving because we can see the all wave lengths they are using.
From what I have started to think is a 300 running at 160 or so is closer to 300 in light then 160 out put but that isn’t a perfect rule brand has alot to do with it.
My 600 led runs at about 320 and out does my 400 sonti agro but the globe is a few grows old but still looks ok in saying that sometimes you cant tell.
This probably didn’t help but I think 2 300 should be ok for that size area but you need to get the height dead on and remember leds through light strait down if there isn’t any lenses or reflectors making two 300s way better then one 600 in foot print.
This is only what I have noticed in the last 6 months of using LEDs I am no expert

Been a few days with the lights lower, plants have been doing well.


My experience with LED’s tells me decent quality LED lights run at around a true wattage of 50% what the light is rated, and the cheaper ones run at 25% -33%. For example a 150w Chinese light I bought drew 50w, bear in mind that must include a bit for the fan… And a 300w Chinese light I bought drew 84w. If yours are decent LED’s you should have around 400 true watts which is excellent, if they are cheaper ones they may be closer to 200 which is not ideal. As for how many plants, it is up to you, you could put 8x3 gallon pots in there and create a sea of green, my tent is 4x4 and I considered 16x3 gallon pots but decided against it when I thought bout how high maintenance those girls would be! You could do a really good scrog setup in there too, if you’re interested in scrog check out Monster cropped goldleaf scrog or Roberts video tutorial