Do I have enough light for my

Fast question guys. I have a 24x48, and a 600 watt led full spectrum. Is this enough light. I’m considering getting another 300. What’s yalls opinion? Growing autos Ilgm WW. FYI

@Its420sumwhere first of all welcome to the forum. I have a few questions first before I get to yours. Is 600 watt what it actually consumes or is this what the manufacturer claims? Led panels are notorious for being inaccurate from what a manufacturer claims compared to what it actually consumes.
Is this an amazon purchase? Amazon links are allowed.
We try to aim for around 50 Watts actual a square foot for flowering.
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That’s the manufacturers claim of watts. I did get it on amazon but wouldn’t have a clue how to show it to you the brand is philizon if that helps. This is my first indoor grow and just don’t want to mess it up. Even if the wattage is accurate would adding the 300 be to much. I’m a better safe than sorry kind of guy. @Covertgrower

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light,with Thermometer Humidity Monitor,with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower- 600W(10W Leds 60Pcs)

“while consuming only 108 watts!” <—— that’s where we run into problems.

@Its420sumwhere I also noticed it’s flowering foot print is about 2x2 that would leave you 2 foot short of adequate coverage for flowering. So yes you’ll need an additional fixture. But before you spend it, have you checked out any of the DIY lighting thread?
@dbrn32 is our lighting expert. If you could let him know your budget, he can make just about anything work. We have a lot of growers here that grow with expensive fixtures to CFL’s you can buy at the store. Just let him know.


I agree with @Covertgrower, light is pretty small for that size space.

If you’re going to be adding light, there’s a couple of different ways to go about it. Which way you go is usually heavily dependent on your budget. You could buy a couple more lights like you have, or you can buy a single light that’s more suited for that area. Regardless of how you go about it, the majority of people seem to average about $250 ish in lights for that size space. Obviously there’s some less and others more. Some will spend a lot on super high performance leds to make sure they’re trimming every last gram of bud possible. While others are pretty content with staying on the less expensive end of things. Before you buy anything else, you should think about how committed you are and what kind of budget you have. There’s probably going to be other things you need along the way, and all the light in the world won’t make a difference if you can’t get it.

If you have the cash, and are serious about growing, I’d probably look to make an upgrade instead of a band aid. Most of us have been there and done that. It just ends up costing more in the long run. If the higher performance leds are something you’re interested in, a few of us are building our own lights. That can definitely save you some money. If cash is super tight, we may be able to direct you to some household type of stuff that can get you by too.


Where are you growing indoors? If you don’t mind me asking, I’m also a newbie.

@Blue1 yes indoors. They’re in a 2x4 tent.
Thanks @dbrn32 for that detailed explanation. I could have said the same, but it sounds better when you say it. Lol.
I hope that helps sum it up @Its420sumwhere

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All good brotherhood! I was somewhere between that, and a “ yep, you need more light” haha


Sometimes I have to go back and edit my response as being too discursive lol.

“Raise your ph” doesn’t seem very friendly or welcoming haha. I have to say; you have perhaps the best “bedside manner” of anyone on here dude. I’d be like: “YOU NEED TO FEED THE PLANT, DUMMY!!!” but then I remember where I am lol so instead; “Maybe a tad more food would help” lol.

Edit: but I’m a jerk til my first doobie haha!


I know that feeling


@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32
I agree. Sometimes I have to remember people are making a judgement on the forum based on my response, especially if they’re new and haven’t lurked and just posted.
That causes a me to erase and type again to make sure that it sounds ok, and I don’t come across as a troll on the internet. I’m far from that. Sometimes a short direct answer could be used, but can’t be because of they way it could be perceived the first time.
In real life, I’m probably that guy you wondered about because he’s so darn happy in the mornings and makes you wonder if there’s something wrong with that guy. Lol I really had a boss ask me that once. My response was priceless. “What’s not to be happy about? I’m alive and it’s the best Monday this week!”


I used to be like that.


Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. I’m pretty committed to getting good at this and doing it for awhile I’ve grown outdoors for years this is just my 1st experience indoor growing. I have all the fans,vents,filters. No issues with anything growing great. I just got in my head I may not have enough light so that’s why I asked y’all. @dbrn32 what can I do to improve my situation for 100 to 150 bucks? All your help is really appreciated btw


You wanna try a diy led?

Is that a polite way of saying I can’t fix it for 150? Lol. I wouldn’t know where to start man. How difficult is it?

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@dbrn32. Always forget that smh

Not at all. But your $150 is going to go a lot further.

Picture something along the lines of this.

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I could do that, is there a light on let’s say Amazon that you would recommend I could order if I upped my budget. @dbrn32 I consulted Ilgm about a few things when I started but not about my lighting wish I had of got with you then lol


@Its420sumwhere you’re not even kidding about that line. Know how many times I wish I would have joined this forum sooner? That’s how I ended up with my kit that I have now. Lol

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Sure, there’s all sorts of options. How quick do you need this light?

If you can wait a week or so, I will probably be building a similar version of that light for cheaper. I’m waiting on back ordered driver sorry, I expect to have it in next 7-10 days. Anyway, it should be a 100 watt light and cost around $100.

If you’re not real confident on building, you can probably get into a qb for around $200.

@raustin should have rough idea of total with assembly and shipping?