Do I feed again r what


OK just got new ph tester it’s very low should I feed?


Did you calibrate the tester?


no you should put PH up until its between 5 and 6.5


Paranorman , yes I did calibrat. And ph @ 5.0



Yesterday was the week 10 flush using fox farm feeding schedule. I tested soil with ph pen, and checked run off with the test bottle that came with the pH up/ph down kit .


Dude 5.0 is the borderline !

any lower I’d flush…

5.4 & up I’m ok…

5.0 - 5.2 I stand here and scratch my head cuz I’m never sure what to do ?! …that’s my grey zone
-good luck


Wow ok ,I’ll ph water with sledge hammer again tomorrow morning, lights off now. Thanks man.


…wait wait ! that’s what I do but I’m not saying that’s what you should necessarily do ?! Plus I’ve never used Fox Farm nutes.

I’m not saying it’s the wrong thing to do, those are just my own guidelines but my experience is in Hydro, this is only my second soil grow and I’m learning too, let’s see if @hammer is around


@Paranorman got up early ph my water @ 6.0 went up 2 times down once and then back up 1 more time only adding squirts out of the dropper

I hope this is right,
Sorry about last night man I was dieing, passed out right after I sent last massage.


I just popped and didn’t read the whole thread, so I’m not exactly sure what you’ve got going on. They have a support ticket here and if you post one then everybody will know exactly what’s going on and I would trust that diagnosis
( I don’t know where they hide it I have trouble finding it I wish they’d make it a sticky but it’s on the main page somewhere )

That said a good way to raise soil pH is to put in high pH water, maybe even 7.0 I’ve heard some people use even higher? … that’s a good way to raise your soil’s pH quickly

  • hope that helps, good luck!


there is a product you get on amazon called PH up look in ILGM grow bible for more help


He has both pH up and pH down lol

Honestly I think your meter is just not accurate. Those probe meters are AWFUL in my opinion. I bought 3 different ones for when I was growing in soil. None were actually accurate, other than letting me know how wet the soil is underneath the surface.

I’d recommend spending $20-30 on a decent pH pen on Amazon. It will make a world of s difference, and then you can check to see if your current probe has been accurate or not. :v:


@ktreez420 in the Grow Bible it has a section on feeding and watering and mentions a comfortable PH range of 6.0 to 8.0 so I have been trying to keep mine around 7.0 I see a lot of the more experienced growers keep to the lower 6 to 6.5 range am I running mine to high ?


I came in late, I see you’re using a probe type

I wouldn’t depend on it, they’re notoriously inaccurate ! :thumbsdown:


Yea for soil the recommended pH range is between 6.0-6.5

If you can get it into that range, your plant will really thrive :v:


@Paranorman yeah I learned that also . I got the probe that checks PH . Moisture , and light then heard that they were inaccurate so I bought a PH. Pen on Amazon calibrated it per instructions and checked it against the probe it said just under 7 and the pen was 4.8 also the litmus strips were very low so now that the light meter pegs out at 2,500 and the PH meter is worthless I have a probe to tell me that water is wet lol


@ktreez420 I thought I did get a good one it’s a sunleafs cost $25 @ hydro store,. Was I not supposed to put both ph up and ph down in same water?


Also reflushed today an got soil @ 6.0 but run is at 5.5


Like someone above said those things can be way off for another 10 or 12 bucks you can get an El Cheapo yellow meter and they come with a packet of pH solution so you can know pH exactly I think you’ll find it far more accurate and it will probably really help you out in the long run
-best wishes!