Do female seeds sprout faster than auto seeds do?

Got purple haze in the mail took about week sprout tail in water than to soil to pop up another week female seed

Recieved purple skunk in the mail I one week into it

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Been a while , good to see you still at it.

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Got some goodies in the mail I’m having problems with auto flowers popping through soil after they sprout a tail

How long has been taking for them to break thru the top?

@SKORPION is it in to break the shell from the seed than plant it in the soil from there?

Yeah I don’t plant until the tail is like half inch.

@SKORPION like two or three inches from the shell than plant to soil

Purple haze three weeks old pop waiting on the auto flowers :hibiscus: in the front to pop one week as of today nothing

Autoflowers fruit at a pre-determined time. Feminized are still photosensitive and require lighting change to kick start flowering.

you can get feminized autos too! And not all feminized seed will produce females, some will hermie some will still male. Rare but it happens. Feminized can be either photo or auto.
Autos are just photos that have been selectively crossed with ruderal cannabis. And can be male or female.

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I learned something new today. I did not know autos came feminized as well!

@anon89489555 yea I learned that today to I did not know ilovegrowingmarajuana don’t have any

Autos are normally femanized to ensure the grower is getting females. I dont know of any seed manufacturers that are making autos that are regular. It would kinda defeat the purpose.

I have little to no knowledge of Autos other than them flowering on their own.

Looking at it like this: Ruderalis flowers 30 days after planting from seed and are not feminized. So my assumption autoflowers were similar was a fair assumption given my level of knowledge of autoflowers. They do not advertise them as such either. I would fifure when they cross whatever with ruderalis it carries on that trait without the definition of feminized seed.

@Cannabian you mean the female seeds Arne female either?