Do exhale bags work for co2

I just really wanna know if exale bags provide enough co2 to actually make a difference. What does everyone think? Do you need tanks to get sufficient co2 to make a difference or do the exhale bag’s work? I’ve heard both I want to know what everyone thinks . Thanks everyone

@matty777 if your using an inline fan the benefits of co2 will get sucked right outta the tent before any benefits likey can be had. Just a thought


CO2 demands a sealed environment, high intensity lighting, and high PPMs. Supplemental CO2 does absolutely no good without adequate lighting and an environment where the plant will actually use the CO2. CO2 makes no sense for the vast majority of hobby growers. Normal room CO2 is plenty.


Im outta likes but these 2 above are correct and for the most part the general consensus about the co2 bags is just dont buy them they are a waste of money. Ive tried them before and saw no benefits as i keep my tent under negative pressure


You can make your own CO2 if you want.
sugar & yeast & water
Baking soda and vinegar - grade school volcano stuff.
google DIY CO2.
Not saying it will do any good but you can spend a few $ and play around.


That’s what I thought but had to check. I’m not gonna waste my money on it. I was hoping to upgrade eventually and get a co2 tank and regulator but you guys are saying with a grow rent this is no good? It certainly makes sense since the in-line fan just sucks everything right out.

… and here come the buds

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I love how that gold leaf stretches, man oh man !


Beautiful plant man! I heard that about the gold leaf! Growing one now and left it small on purpose (1gal container where i usually finish in a 3 gal) and it only has 2 branches but its up in the canopy with the other girls and has massive nugs im surprised! Yeah unfornately i believe co2 is a waste of money unless you have everything you want dialed in and have all the equipment you’d like. I was looking into it once before and a good co2 setup is about 1250-2000. Been a while since i looked to be for sure on the price but it surely wasnt cheap and thats typically the last thing you want to do after your perfected your growing methods because you have to push heavy lights and nutes and sometimes even o2 to the roots. Seems like a headache just trying to understand it all for me lol

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CO2 requires a sealed room to be effective. Couple that with very high intensity lighting and your sealed environment becomes an oven. That means elaborate cooling and humidity rejection. The root zone can’t survive in CO2 environment so air has to be pushed to the roots. Nutrient load is insanely high and normally hydroponics is done to both push nutes and air to the roots.

It’s a highly technical process and somewhat dangerous: there have been a couple of folks on here who have lost friends to CO2 poisoning.

Looks to me like you are doing a fine job as is and I would concentrate my efforts on lighting and environment.

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