Do Co2 bags work?

Hey guys, I’m in a small space around 500cubic.
Do co2 bags work in maintaining ur co2 and if so how many should I use?
Also what should my optimum ppm be in this size space please.

If you have adiquit air exchange of fresh air in old air out than you really don’t need co2 but im no expert kn co2 benefits. This is purely info I have retained here.


LOVE the co2 bags. A little pricey at $8 each but the results in an enclosed space are REALLY NOTICEABLE. Supposed to last one week, I keep old ones working. If I was in a bigger growing space…I would upgrade to tanks.

In my grow tent…major big time difference. Surprisingly so.

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I have a co2 bag in my 4x4x8 tent and the one I get is 40 bucks but supposed to last a year and I closed space you notice the difference

Great I’m going to grab one then, I was considering getting a small bottle untill I saw you could get a bag of co2… The space I have isn’t large enough for a bottle anyways… THANX GUYS, :+1:

Be aware the co2 bags come in several sizes…small, medium, and large.
The medium works great for your 4x4x8 tent. Good for a week. Keep old ones around a little longer. It can’t hurt anything.