Do Calyx swell during Night time or Daytime

When putting on bulk do the buds swell during lights on or off?


Should be lights off. During light on they do all the photosynthesis stuff and at night they convert to sugars and stuff for the plant most of the plants work is done in dark lights off causes the plants to convert chlorophyll into sugars ect

When calyx swell is due to receding of pistils. Can happen both in light or dark.

You will read all over on here things like “plants need dark” “all living things need to sleep” and many similar comments. The fact is none of these are true. Cannabis is a c3 plant that can perform all required functions to remain healthy during light hours. The only thing most plants need dark for is to induce flowering.


Are you saying that there’s no problem with autos on 24/7 lighting?


That’s what he said. Or veg photoperiod under 24/0.


Hokey smokes and great googley gobs! Follow up question then …. Does switching an auto or a vegging photo result in the +30% growth increase in proportion with the lighting schedule?

I’m not sure I actually understand what you’re asking about the +30% growth increase after switching, unless you’re talking about the "stretch " that alot of photos go through after being switched. To which I would answer, Most of the time absolutely at least 30% increase in size, some times 100% increase…

But there is no switching autos, they do there thing whenever they want no matter the light schedule, 24hrs a day light or any weird combination you what to give them…


As long as it doesn’t have recessive genes keep it from flowering, would technically work.

Stretch and growth aren’t really the same thing. When light schedule is reduced the plant perceives less light time as shading and will increase it’s height in search of more light. Growth should be reflected in new grow by leaves and/or new nodes.

In short, when you see people say their plants grow in the dark, they are typically seeing stretch not growth.


Each reduction in lights on time results in a drop of dli. If you increased light intensity at 18/6 to have equal dli as of that at 24/0 your results shouldn’t be much different. Up to the point of light/energy saturation anyway.


I love your info, it makes me think as well as learn.
Mad props and appreciation.


Poor wording of the question, on my part. If I run my lights 24/0 as opposed to 18/6 will my plants get to the endpoint I was seeking 33% faster? They’re getting 33% more light hours. Does that equate to 33% more growing time each day? Assume I was already at a high DLI.

It does not impact time to maturity. It only encourages healthy growth and plant productivity.


Once you hit your DLI the plant can’t really accept any more light; any excess is just wasted.


What is DLI capacity rating for ‘hemp’?

Sorry to be so pedantic about this, but let’s turn the numbers in your answer around. I am at the point of light saturation already during my 18 hours of lights on. The plant couldn’t use a single photon more on a second by second basis. I lengthen my light schedule to 24 hours without a reduction in lighting intensity. What happens (assuming I keep up with any additional fertigation needs)?

While trying to find more info on the Google machine I found this video. An interview of the director of microbe something or other for Mammoth indicating things happen in the soil during the dark phase, and that a 24/0 schedule would be deleterious to microbe health. I note that she uses a lot of “I think” and “my opinion” and not “We did a study that…”. Wish I had Bugbee on speed dial right now.

A 24-Hour Light Cycle during Cannabis Vegetative Stage Starves the Soil with Karuna Chourey PhD

No, for reasons the other stated. I think best point that could be made here is that your plants could get to desired point of development faster.

I’m not sure, I’ve never attempted to grow hemp or done much research into that field.

In theory this is correct. There becomes a point where more light does absolutely nothing for your plants. When light levels increase the other components plants need increases too. But thats not limited to just water and nutrients, they also need co2. Even if you have unlimited amounts of all things needed at your disposal, there is still a limit to how much of each a plant can process.

Ya, would much rather discuss results of a study than someone’s opinion. Even so, let’s agree that 90% of pot that never gets any light can react to small portion of pot that does constantly get light, and some sort of negative reaction is seen in microbial life with the pot. What happens when microbials are added regularly?


Thanks, Bo. I appreciate the time.

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So I’ve got the process right in my head, the pistils retract in hopes they have caught pollen to draw back into the calyx which then acts like a womb for a seed.
What is occurring to pistils that remain outside the calyx and turn brown?