Do autoflowers REQUIRE 18+ hours of light?

Hey folks, I just read several opinions about autoflowers needing 18 or more light hours. I have some WWauto and WW-CBDautos seeds and was planning an outdoor grow now that light hours are about 13 hours where I live (Arizona desert). Is that a bad idea? I don’t mind if I don’t get max yield, but would I likely get reasonable yield, all other conditions of the plants being met? Thanks so much.

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You can grow autos on 12/12 if you wanted to. Being outside, there shouldn’t be any issue with them hitting their DLI so you should get just as much yield as if they were getting 24hrs of light.


That is a big negative. You can grow whatever you want.


Thank you for the responses. So I guess what the outdoor light lacks in duration, it makes up for in intensity.