Do any dispensaries carry ILGM flower?

I was browsing the ILGM seedbank this morning when I realized that to have all these seeds, they have to be growing somewhere.

Can you buy ILGM flower in the US anywhere?

Besides my house and few others, no idea. Sorry, it’s like fight club. I’ve already said too much.



I know many Colorado growers use ILGM Strains. But you gota buy them through here… ILGM seeds R not US seeds Btw…

@DivChem I’ve gotten seeds shipped from within the United States.


Ilgm seeds are from Holland. Not San Diego.

In a dispensary i’m looking for flower that I don’t have the seeds to grow. Strains we share, mine will be better.

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I’m on my way to Colorado right now. I’ll be in Cortez/ Durango Saturday afternoon. They has a shitload of seeds for sale in the dispensaries! Ive tried Colorado seeds. Did a Hibiscus Sunrise. Was a great run…

You have inside info?
Otherwise they could have breeders here in the states. I really don’t know, but the idea seems plausible to me. :man_shrugging:


I’m a interstate criminal. Lol I know a couple growers in Durango that are large growers. Problem is. Their seeds are landrace for a cooler weather and higher altitude. I live @ 26N97W. 13’ above sea level. Its Hot all year round! I know the dispensaries legally cant mail cannabis seeds in the usa. They will send you all the Hemp seeds you want though… Hence I’m in Colorado twice a year!

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