DLI/PPDF reference table

After reading into DLI (thanks @Nicky) , I made this PPFD requirement table, does my math add up?

Week Stage DLI [mol/m^2/d] Light Hrs PPFD [ µmol/m^2/s]
1 Seedling 12 18 185
3 Early Veg 15 18 231
5 Veg 35 19 512
7 Late Veg 46 19 673
9 Early Bloom 30 12 694
11 Early Flower 35 12 810
13 Flower 38 12 880
15 Late Flower 30 12 694

Example: At week 6 I should be at ~575 PPFD, according to my lights PPFD chart I’m currently at 737. So likely a little too much light. I’ll pull the lights up another couple inches.

Since PPFD vs. distance can be roughly extrapolated (ref). For my lights:

Big blue dots are manufacturers claims.

I’ll keep my lights at 100% and follow this chart over the grow, adjusting distance to meet PPFD requirements.

I figure with correct water, soil and temperature these PPDF numbers could be ~20% higher.
Assuming this looks roughly correct and is vetted, hopefully this can be used along with light PPFD charts for newbies (like me!).


Wow. You sure did some work. Everyone of the girls will be different. If it works like this, you will be doing good


I like this one from LumiGrow

I added the formula and calculations to this standard chart

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