DIY with bridgelux eb strips


Look ok to go to next step?


Cleaned with alcohol real good too. If I’m through buffing I need to break out my surgical gloves and cut me a clone.


Looks good @Angie! Looks like you’re ready to me. As long as you can run your hand over it and it doesn’t get snagged, you’ll be good :wink::v:


Well there’s not any snags. Next step!!!:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:First I’m cutting a clone. I have everything ready to go. Just gotta go do it. Before I do should I put air bubbles in water with clone while rooting? I have an extra pump.


Wouldn’t hurt to have extra air as long as it’s not too powerful :wink:


Plate looks great!

If you’re drilling holes I would do that before mounting strips.


You will never guess what I did. I finally had my plate to a point where I could walk by without buffing. I drilled corner hole and had already laid my driver out and turned my plate over and it had scratches all over it. I had it on newspaper but some shavings got under the plate and scratched the hell out of it. Sooo back to step one…more buffing!!!


Hopefully you drilled all your holes, and that won’t happen again?


Yeah I’m done with the drill!! I’ll finish buffing here shortly. I’ll post an update.


@dbrn32 I am finally satisfied with prepping my plate.

I mounted driver and puts strips in place then took apart and finished my plate. Next step is put it all together. Only thing may hold me up is my wire. Will this work? Its not solid copper wire. I hope to get your seal of approval so I can finish this beast!!lol.


I can’t tell what that is from pic, sorry. The plate looks great though!


Thank you!!! I was hoping you would say so. I’m wrong…I have this wire…


That’s what you want right there


Sweet!! Update in a bit!


So far so good


Yes looks very good!


@dbrn32 What do I do with this extra green wire? I hope I didnt cut the wrong cord.


You can attach it to the plate somewhere.


Ok great! After I do this I can plug n play!! Next pic will be a finished product!!


Hi Angie, that was very nice, I have a question, what wattage are you getting out of that one plate with the 7 - 22 inch strips? I am looking into building something and yours being rectangular may be what I need. thx in advance. I don’t know if it was mentioned earlier, I didn’t see it.