DIY with bridgelux eb strips




You could do that. That driver will fit 14 of the 560mm gen2 eb. You could probably get by with 12 strips in that space. But for cost you may as well build it out and just use dimmer. Going with 1/4" plate or heatsink extrusion here will probably help with cooling a little too.


Is that a good use of funds?is there a better way to build it? Been looking at QB also, don’t mind spending the extra cash just need something that will be the best.


@dbrn32. I have a thought to run by you, DB. I have a 13 in x 48 in, mounting area. How efficient would it be to run 12 of the 560 mm strips end to end for 44 in length. basically it would be 6 rows at 44 in. Also could I first adhere mylar and the mount the strips. this fixture is approx. 30 degree reflective on the outside perimeter which I would be applying mylar to also for more direct intensity. I really appreciate your input. Although in comparison to the 4 pack QB 120 v2 which would be a better fit for a 2x4 grow area that is already highly reflective with mylar. Thank you. :thinking:


Two 560’s is pretty much the same as one 1120mm strip. So ya, you can do that. I’m not visualizing what you’re doing with mylar well, but if it makes sense to you go ahead and try it.

The 4 pack of boards on hlg-240 would be a significantly better light for a 2x4 space.




@dbrn32 Hi. I have 4 QB120 v2 on the way with the mean well 240-2100ma driver. I have a ?. What driver would you recommend to run 2 boards. the specs are they can be ran up to 70 watts. Thank you…:thinking::sweat_smile::v:


Can I answer with none? There’s not a real good application to run 2 in series. You either have to under power them a little or wire them in parallel. If you’re going to wire them in parallel I would prefer you used 1 driver per board.

Hlg does have recommended drivers for running two boards though, I just don’t like them all.


Thank you for that clarification ! None it is…:+1::v:


Are you thinking about ordering more? I’m curious as to why you were asking


@db, well I wanted the mobility to break them up into 2 groups with 2 boards each for different grow applications and still be able to use them in a group of 4 also. Just thoughts but wanted to run it by you for confirmation…:thinking::v:


Here are the options hlg lists, like I said any of them in series I would support. You just give up a little power


Thank you for all your help, Db. Greatly appreciated !


@dbrn32 qb120 boards will be here today. I have a ?. Wire size for the DC output side of hlg 240-2100ma to boards. Thank you.


18awg solid rated for at least 300v


Thank you !


@dbrn32 ok, now 1 more ?. What should I set the output voltage to for 4 boards. I believe I understand that is done through the dimming process. Thank you :thinking:


Which driver?


hlg 240h-2100a


@dbrn32 I have the hlg 240h-2100a.